I Filippa my hat to you


On behalf of women who think they are fat, I applaud model Filippa Hamilton for speaking up.

Smart cookie for going public.




8 thoughts on “I Filippa my hat to you

  1. This was ridiculous. I'm glad that photo was so over the top that this story came out. Photoshop skills, gorgeous teenage girls who haven't fully developed yet, and demented designers are quite the scary combination. I really admire her – put her on Dancing with the Stars or give her a sitcom!


  2. I'm glad too. It's one thing to brush over a photo to make your skin appear smoother (I make no secret I do this myself, due to a skin condition from childhood), but to be in the industry advertising clothes targeted at women who are somewhat influenced by these models is another. Scary combination, is right! Those 'lollipop' models made sad. I bet she writes a book! Let's hope her bravery is contagious!


  3. Thanks for stopping by.Beauty is a strange thing. With the images people are confronted with every day it makes them strive to look like the photoshop'd people in the magazines, so it's good to hear a story like this from a model which hopefully helps people stop trying to achieve the impossible.


  4. Thanks Christine for the video. I can feel all the sensitivity of the model through her words.When I heard the breaking news, I just learn about the act and nothing more. But with the interview, we just get that it is sensible human like you and me that has a long story with their "familly"Instructive. Congratulation to her to make the news public and dispense the speech that curvy woman are really more awesome than skinny teens.


  5. It is about time that someone on the inside admitted to what goes on inside the industry. But that is not what is going to stop the continued projection upon women by the media.


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