Amy (what every teenage girl should see)

I received a ton of emails and comments about how nice it was to see Filippa Hamilton coming forward with her firing; a stunning size 4 model accused of being ‘too fat’.

Discussing how the media seduces us with illusions of perfect beauty, I found myself feeling a couple of things today. First, I was annoyed at Mama Media in general; with her promises of fat-free bodies, pore-less skin and cellulite free thighs. Second, I was moved. As momentum picked up speed today, talks of self-worth rose to the surface and I was shown this sixty-second video.

Thirty seconds in, I realized something about Amy. I was Amy.Not just with a boy, but with life. In feeling her pain, years of self-loathing tears streamed down my imperfect cheeks.

A little while later, I began to smile.

It doesn’t matter that I have flaws on my cheeks, where yours are or what we wish we had or didn’t have. What matters is how we feel about ourselves, and the message we portray to our children.I’m a proud aunt to many little ones and not once have they ever stopped to ask me why my skin was different.

If only the media were run by children.


.They simply see m.y skin a

11 thoughts on “Amy (what every teenage girl should see)

  1. It makes me think of all of the times I've complained about this or that. My boyfriend always replies that I'm beautiful. I usually accuse him of being "biased" and "just saying that because…". It's eye opening for sure.


  2. If I like you, don't wonder why.If I say you look good in a ball cap, don't tell me you are having a bad hair day.If I say your perfume smells fantastic, don't say you aren't wearing any.If I think you are beautiful, don't wonder why.If I love your sense of humor, don't wonder why.and finally, to all out there, if I follow your blog, I made up my mind about you in the first post I read.


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