modus operati

5 thoughts on “modus operati

  1. I agree with most, but not all of the points in this. I think freedom is a great responsibility, much more than a right. But "expecting" a certain standard of living as a "right" seems doomed to me. All humans can want it, but history has shown that it must be earned. In the context of Burma though it makes sense. I guess I just get frustrated with many Americans these days who don't seem to grasp how incredibly lucky we are – and how important it is to hold on to the basic tenets of freedom from the Declaration of Independence, "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." xoxoxo 🙂


  2. Thanks Margo~ I hear what you are saying. It's sad to me read "expecting a certain standard of living as a 'right' seems doomed to me" and unfortunately, I do see your point. We are extremely fortunate to live where we (Americans) have the certain freedoms we have. I see people voicing their opinions (albeit religious, political or otherwise) and I shake my head on how ignorant and close-minded (my own opinion) I think one can be; then I pause to appreciate the fact that they CAN voice their opinions. In some countries, not the case. Women still aren't allowed to show their elbows, etc.. in other places! Thanks for stopping and commenting. (((hugs))) xxkkChristine


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