Hold your head high

In honor of anyone who didn’t get the job, win the big game, heart is broken or even gained a little weight.
In honor of all of us, but especially my niece this week.
This one is for you, Syd. Keep playing with all your heart.
I love you.

11 thoughts on “Hold your head high

  1. Excellent advert although I suspect if Micheal Jordan had missed the firts 9,000 shots of his career he probably would not have had the chance to make shot number 9,001 or the advert for that matter……I take it Syd had a bad game or lost out on a job….


  2. Thanks. Syd is a volleyball player (full ride scholarship at UT). Her team made it to the final four in Tampa and lost out by 2 points to Penn State. Penn has not lost a single match in three years, so it was a thrill, nonetheless. It was the best I've ever seen Syd play. They gave nothing away – won by a hair. I know how heavy Sydney's heart is right now, and you are so correct in your comment; with each failure is experience.


  3. @Todd thank you honey! My boss and his wife told me their whole family was on their feet screaming. I was too! Kevin and I really got in to it and by game three looked at one another with the 'OMG, this can really happen' look. Not to be this year, but stay tuned for 2010!!!


  4. love the new look…. it is new right… the beach scene is out of this world…I truly hope all your dreams for Christmas come true… Hope, peace and love… XoxoxoPs: I would meet you under the mistletoe anytime.


  5. @Winters Reaper Thanks yes it's a new photo and I agree; the beach scene really is out of this world! I had a lovely holiday and continue to do so.. I hope the same for you as well. 🙂 @Secretia @Sarah – You're welcome! I love this ad. It makes me teary when I watch it and think of my niece. A great reminder that it's not about falling, it's about getting back up.


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