Writing Is Writing

I once read a blog post saying that “blogging does not mean writing.” While I understand the thought, I gotta say I disagree. Pouring your heart out with words is writing.

A blog is a journal; a way to chronicle, vent, share and communicate publicly (or privately). A journal is a writer’s bloodline. Long before passwords and screen savers, a little book called The Diary of Anne Frank was born, and later we discover Go Ask Alice. Both journals.

Fast forward and we have amazing writers like Julie Powell and Diablo Cody. I wonder if Meryl Streep would say Julie wasn’t a writer, as she starred in the movie born from Julie’s blogs titled Julie & Julia.

Perhaps the most notable blogger is Diablo Cody (Brook Busey). Steven Spielberg hired Diablo to write Showtime’s United States of Tara after reading her screenplay for Juno before shooting of the movie even began. Diablo’s first blog appeared under the nickname Darling Girl. Connect the dots and you will find a writer through and through.

There’s nothing to writing.
All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein”
Walter Wellesley Smith

Diablo Cody posted this on her blog the night she won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay (Juno).



Like all art, writing is subjective. Rather than compartmentalize the vehicles in which a person creates their art, I say we celebrate. I’ve read more talent in the walls of this blogsphere than I can count, all from amazing writers. To make such a bold claim as blogging is not writing is not only dismissive, but disrespectful.

I have always been a writer. My first published article was for an independent newspaper in Honolulu. I was 22 years old and already working as a stripper, but wrote part-time because it was (and still is) in my blood. I was asked to write a weekly column and still have the first publication in my desk.

After hanging up my garter and moving to California, I dove in to a career of sales and marketing, eventually landing in advertising. I wrote commercials for television, pitched advertising concepts and even sang jingles to clients.

As a former drug user, stripper and all around Party Gal, I really have come a long way. Scanning old photos and writing my book is proving to be cathartic and more emotionally fulfilling than I ever thought possible. If you ever struggle with where you want your life to go, I highly recommend writing who you were twenty years ago.

Describe yourself in great detail, what were your thoughts, and dreams? Who were your friends? What did you like and dislike about yourself? Your answers may surprise you.

Sometimes it takes looking back to help pave the road ahead.


Don’t let anyone define who you are. Instead simply write about it.

20 thoughts on “Writing Is Writing

  1. I agree with you. Whatever your style of writing is, whether it is documentary, newspaper, magazine, bio or blogging, it is still writing.And it has different meaning to the author. For you it is a journal. For others it can be something else.


  2. To me writing is art and we all know that art is subjective. I may see a piece of art and not totally get it, or even like it, but I can appreciate that it is art. In my opinion writing deserves the same respect. Whether it is a novel or a blog. It deserves respect. Any one that has sat down and tried to write a blog knows how much work goes into it. When you are trying to sum up a story, or thought, or passion in just a few paragraphs it can be frustrating. My Blog is the single kindest thing I have ever done for myself. Nothing like digging deep and pouring your thoughts out on ‘’paper’’ for the world to see. Ps…Juno is one of my all time favorite movies.


  3. Blogging is writing. I use my blog as an online journal. And, in fact, the other day I was just saying how blown away I was by the amount of talent in the blogosphere. I thinks some of the most talented writers aren't published, or famous, or read by millions. They are people like you and I, at home, on our computers, pouring out our hearts. This is when writing is still real and unfiltered. Before the world tells us to do it other ways. Wonderful post.


  4. @RJacob – You are so kind, thank you! @Matty – Thanks for commenting and sharing your opinion on this subject. I totally agree with your comment too. :)@Farmers Wife – As well you should! You are a talent, missy. @Chrissy – Sisters from a different mister, you and I. 😉 Thank you for thanking me! After I read that blog saying that blogging is not writing, I really wanted to shed light on this subject. @Nichol – Juno is one of my fav's too! Diablo Cody is one helluva dame. I have a writer's crush on her. She also stripped for a year, so we have something in common. 🙂 @Eva – Thanks so much, Eva. I agree with you completely and I really appreciate you taking the time to read me and comment.


  5. To say that blogging isn't writing doesn't make sense.Writing an email is writing.Writing a letter is writing.Writing in a card is writing.But writing a blog is.. just blogging?Okay so maybe I'm using the word "writing" too literally. I know what they meant.But I guess, who cares what it's called as long as we're all enjoying ourselves right?


  6. @ScoMan – I agree! We write because we love to — and we would like our voices heard / shared. The blogger I read is writing a book and was saying that's what they were busy doing, no time to blog, because blogging is 'just practice' yeadda yadda yadda. I understood what they were saying, but the post came off dismissive to me; that bloggers are just 'practicing' for when they become 'writers'. It didn't sit well with me — I am happy I am not alone. 🙂


  7. I write. It isn't much. It doesn't always make sense… even to me …but I lave to let that stuff out or it will manifest itself somewhere else. Once in a great while I even am able to control it if I can focus. You seem to have good focus.


  8. @IT – Thank you! My boyfriend would beg to differ… 😉 I am trying, but with my ADD, it's a challenge to stay focused. @Gregorio Martino – I am happy you are going forward with your book! 🙂 @Secretia – Thanks, love. I didn't know how I was going to end this post, and those words just clicked in my head. I have spent too many years allowing people to push my buttons, and tell me who I am, or what they think I should be. It is such a liberating feeling knowing that we are in control of our own character and heart. xo


  9. Hmmm… I had something I wanted to say, but that first photo on your blog has me trying to figure out how to worm my way into it, and replace that laptop with my face… :oDOh yeah.. blogging is writing… I think it just depends on when the Muse to write hits us…~shoes~


  10. I suppose the people who say blogging isn't writing are the same people who say comic books can't be art. Doesn't fit neatly into the box, better throw it away mentality. That is worthy of my favourite word at the moment.Balderdash!


  11. I am so with you on this one. I know you just read my last post (because you commented! Thank you!) so you know I'm participating in a "Casual Bloggers Conference" in May.What the attendees won't know is that I am responsible for putting together the agenda and giving all of the workshops clever titles, and as part of that duty I was reading one of the workshoppers' description of her presentation.It was called "Writing vs. Blogging: They are NOT the same thing". And it seriously ticked me off! Who gets to define "writing"? Is she somehow more of a "writer" than I am because she has a newspaper column and I mostly blog?So, well done, you. You're working toward publishing something meaningful to you. But you're already a writer. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


  12. Thanks everyone. I'm so happy I wrote about this. I need to remember the source of this post and that (in my opinion) they are a little…. let's just say… in their own world. Here's to us writers. 🙂


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