Pouring You a Glass – Filled with Chocolate


Valentine’s Day is looming. This is the time where love-drunk couples deliriously count down to the day where basking in *coupledomis not only allowed, it’s downright Hallmark Preferred. If filling in the Single box on a personals ad is the only action you are getting these days, you may want to steer clear of the greeting card aisle for a bit. Whatever side of the soufflé you currently reside, you can be sure to taste one thing: the permeating flavor of propaganda.

Every February, the Valentine marketing brothel opens her doors and sweet-toothed patrons satiate on the many gifts with purchase. For some, any excuse basking in chocolate and the inevitable sugar-crashed fetal position blissfully ensues. Candy coated lovers have it easy, but what if you have two left feet when trying to navigate the romance dance? Before tripping over the Christmas candy bargain bin, check out these unique gift ideas.



Dating just a short while and not quite ready for monogrammed bath robes? Take the pressure off by sharing some laughs at your local comedy club. It may be too soon for pre-fixe menus at a five star eatery, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a memorable date night. Sharing laughter over two-drink minimums and Buffalo wings may be one of the best ways to get to know your partner; nothing says true love like instantaneous snorting of hot sauce.

The Naked Stage

Making it past the newbie dating scene and spending time under the covers is lovely; in the naked stage, the veil of uncertainty is lifted and you happily sink in to comfortable stability. But what if comfort lends itself to monotony and the excitement is all but gone? This Valentine’s night, leave the flannel pajamas in the dryer and go to bed together wearing nothing but smiles, holding a custom-made massage coupon. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice to this type of seduction; the key word here is seduction.

The Parent Trap

Do your adorable energy-drains (otherwise known as your children) have you sleep-walking your way through life? It may be time to schedule some freedom fun with your partner. What better time than Valentine’s Day to remind each other that life is about more than just diaper duty? Balance the baby-load and log on line to discover many grown up getaways available on the Internet. Find a local bed and breakfast, a baby sitter (relatives are excellent) and try not to leave permanent skid marks in the driveway.


Nature Lovers

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors but don’t have a romantic bone in your body? Nature lovers can relax; romance is all around. A leisurely walk in the park with wine and cheese in tow is an excellent way to spend the day. There is something about laying on a blanket outdoors with your special someone that can make even romance-challenged partners feel the love. The birds will sing your praises as you snuggle up under the shade. Just remember to watch for falling…souvenirs.

Solo Artists

Valentine’s Day is viewed as a day for lovers; a time to celebrate that special someone in our lives. But what if you are flying solo right now? Where’s the special day to acknowledge letting go of someone who was wrong for you? To this, I say we substitute the word Valentine for Victory.

If you are single this Valentine’s Day, spend it strolling down congratulatory lane. Dust off old photos while talking with close friends and remember how far you’ve come. Take pride in your ability to stand alone and relish in the fact that you are victorious. Spend your special Victory Day with friends at dinner, or spend a quiet night in; enjoy a long bubble bath with candles and wine. Oh, and don’t forget the chocolate.

* Coupledom. Pronunciation: \ˈcouple-dəm\ Function: noun
:the quality or state of being in a couple: the absence of being single

9 thoughts on “Pouring You a Glass – Filled with Chocolate

  1. As a girl who always hated V-Day because usually I was either unattached, or attached to the wrong person, I wholeheartedly shout "Bah-Lovebug!!!"My husband now, although a wonderful guy in so many ways, hasn't much of a romantic side, and doesn't enjoy this tradition, and as such I try not to get my hopes up too high.I need to try and find a different way of thinking of it I guess.:)


  2. @GP – Cheers! I have the wine too! 🙂 @Aunt Jackie – Why not create your own romance with him? I bet he'd respond in your favor. 🙂 PS: As far as singletons and V-Day, that's what "Victory Day" is for. xo


  3. And guys…even though she told you last weekend that all she wanted was for you to watch "Postcards From The Edge" with her on Saturday night (which you did), she still wants more. Don't fall for it! It's a trap!! BAH!


  4. Very nice. Good stuff. Per Jackie's comment, I'd add some suggestions for those who are either unattached, or attached to someone who isn't in the romatic mood. Ex-editor with TalesPS. greeting card isle s/b greeting card aisle


  5. "The Parent Trap" exactly why K and I are heading for a weekend alone in Vegas. He won't be here on Valentine's Day, but the weekend after is close enough for me 🙂 Nice post!


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