Kickin’ the Block


After a long day at the office yesterday, my brain was fried. The last thing I wanted to do was go home and write. I much preferred the idea of swimming in a bowl of garlic pasta while sipping pinot, listening to Sade as my boyfriend rubs my feet. Instead, I came home to my bulimic cat, adoring boyfriend (sans foot rub) and my laptop, sheepishly mocking me from the couch.

I was recently asked to write a guest column pertaining to a certain untapped genre (for this publication), and have been toying with ideas in my head for weeks.

Excited for the writing opportunity, my fingers have playfully teased the keys as my mind floated through ideas, never landing on a solid piece. After exchanging follow-up emails with the editor on Sunday, I knew teasing time was over and it was time to drop trou.

Kevin has been hearing me go on and on (I do that a lot) about this project. With unwavering patience and a little verbal push, he plays the supportive boyfriend role well. I don’t know how he does it; even I get tired of my voice at times, and I am a classic narcissist.

Get out of your head. You are thinking too much. Kevin quietly leads a cheer. After thinking too much about not thinking too much, it finally clicked. My fingers found foucs.

Sitting next to each other on our writing chairs last night, as if working on his and hers lap tops, we shared creative silence. After five hours (and one glass of pinot) I finished. Well, I finished the beginning of something really great.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is get out of your own way. Having someone in my corner to assure there are no land minds on the road is just priceless.

18 thoughts on “Kickin’ the Block

  1. "Get out of your head. You are thinking too much." Y'know… the most dangerous place I can go is those seven inches between my ears. We learn so much more from others


  2. Sometimes it's the simplest things that help us see our way through. We can gain strength from just a small gesture.The best gifts are never the ones in huge boxes with flashy bows, are they? Sometimes it's just the ordinary bag that holds the treasures.(wtf am I talking about?? Here goes AJ spouting off again)Sorry 🙂


  3. @Kevin – Thanks honey. Isn't it interesting that you are the best writer I know? Fate, I tell you. 🙂 @IT – I am very familiar with that dangerous place between my ears! Love that!@Aunt Jackie – So true! Go ahead and spout.. I adore you!


  4. Honestly it's easy to play the supportive boyfriend role when you're with someone talented. When you're with someone that dreams to create an empire out of flavored homemade pumpkin seeds and knows nothing about spices or pumpkin seeds its a lot harder. Not that I'd know or anything.


  5. It's hard sometimes just finding the motivation to get started.But once you have the great beginning, the rest just flows from there.Glad to hear you've got that beginning.


  6. sometimes, thoughts disappear, whether when writing or commenting. An idea for a poem dances away, blog ideas stumble into view, comments on a blog sometimes take a few visits. sigh…


  7. I love that and need to adopt it as my new personal mantra "Get out of my way, Get out of my way…" Crazy how we are the only thing standing in our OWN way! Loved catching up on your last couple posts, the one about your face, how honest, open and freeing. Sad that you can't continue to share the book as you go, glad I read the ones you did post…you have a buyer ready for when it comes out!You have that rare ability to wrap me up and not let me go until you are done. Now, that is talent!


  8. @ScoMan – So great to see you here! Thanks for the comment I must say, I agree. Ince that spark is ignited, the fire will guide you. @Gregorio Martino – I do the same thing! I have learned to write them down on a notepad at my night stand. Sometimes my most exciting ideas enter my head in a dream! @RJ – I'm happy you came by and left a comment, my friend. 🙂 Nice to see you again. @Mandy – Wow! Thank you! I am happy to see you here as well. I am working hard on the manuscript, and have begun the process of preparing for submissions. It will be a fun ride and I will let you know more as I learn more! 🙂


  9. Oh i know that feeling so well…I have this horrid habit of planting myself RIGHT smack dab in my own way. We are both very lucky to have some one there to give us the little push we need.I am happy that you broke through to something great!


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