80’s Flashback Café

Keisha Knight Pulliam was on Chelsea Handler this week. She played Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show — wait for it — wait for it — 25 years ago.

Kevin and I looked at one another with that wow, we are old look. You know the look. Your forehead raises a bit and your eyes open a little more. It’s the same face you make when you find yourself explaining what a cassette tape or typewriter is to someone born the year you graduated High School. The same face 20-somethings will make years from now when explaining what an MP3 Player is.
With impeccable timing, a box from home arrived yesterday filled with old photo albums. I had a great time going through memories and laughed out loud when sharing them with old friends.
For you youngin’s – photo albums are these books that used to hold our pictures. We used to have to wait three days before viewing the photos and the packets came with negatives. Negatives are little strips of film…. oh never mind.
Here are a couple fun flashback photos.

My dress was from Contempo Casuals. I think his hair is biger than mine!

I am in the middle with short hair. Those pants just kill me.

Wait. I drank shots?

I was trying to anyway….


27 thoughts on “80’s Flashback Café

  1. Try explaining that you actually listened to many of the original broadcasts of the radio shows that are now re-broadcast as old-time radio and that you did it because there was no TV… or that TV was black and white.


  2. Oh, his hair!! Did any of us really know our accurate height? People studying our civilization a thousand years from now will think we all had heads two feet long from chin to scalp!And I used to LOVE Contempo Casuals – for me it was the final word in fashion!


  3. You are sooooo dating yourself, and me too because I know what you mean. I once had to show a young female co-worker how to use a typewriter when the computer broke down. Including how to insert the paper. She was 25 and had never used one. I was amazed.


  4. " Negatives are little strips of film…. oh never mind." ~ hysterical. I LOVE THIS POST!!! We had exactly the same '80's hair… that's awesome! And every guy I dated back in those days had the same hair as me!! Thanks for the flashback! I "heart" you ♥


  5. Wow! I had hair like that too. The Crosbys…ahhh the memories.Shots for me back then were illegal, but I did it anyway. I was doing shot of Schnapps. I think we called them "slammers" maybe it was apple barrel Schnapps, and some kind of mint…can't remember. (Too many shots)


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