So bad, it’s good


Have you ever loved a movie that was so bad, it was good?

That’s the beauty of art. Your taste is your own. Critic reviews and box office numbers don’t hold the special VIP Pass that is your taste.

Some movies speak to us on such a personal level and we relate so much to the story we feel we should be in the credits.

Slaves of New York did it for me back in 1989.

Codependence, struggling artists, drag queens, and 80’s fashion played by a cast of the very young and talented Bernadette Peters, Mercedes Ruehl and Steve Buscemi (to name a few).

Have you seen this cult classic?

So tell me — What movie does it for you?


30 thoughts on “So bad, it’s good

  1. I'm going to have to get that…never even heard of it! I loved Earth Girls are Easy…So bad….it's good!! And of course the Rocky Horror Picture Show!Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today!


  2. I have seen lots of movies that other people think are bad but I think are good.Yes, Rocky Horror is one.Repo: The Genetic Opera is another.Wait.. why are they all operas?And I've just realised the only reason I keep a friendship with one of my friends is because they like these exact same movies.


  3. THAT is funn, ScoMan. I love that you just realized this as you were commenting. Annie Hall is another one everyone seems to hate but me. The Royal Tannenbaums…. God I love that movie. Others walked out. I was laughing in my seat.


  4. @Todd – OMG That movie!!!!! This is probably just a Scorpio thing, but I swear that movie was totally sexual. And I was only 7! @EmStatic – I would classify any movie that was not a commercial success as 'bad'. Good choices!!!


  5. I love movies. I have to watch at least 3 a week. My favorites are psychological dramas and scary movies. I hate chick flicks, who wants to watch a show about a bunch of happy people?Of course I love comedies, especially the stupid comedies that you can watch over and over and laugh harder each time you watch it! And then quote one liners for the rest of your life."Big gulps huh? Well, see ya later!"


  6. I loved the sixth sense even though it got shitty reviews from critics.I often wonder if critics become critics to demean others because they lacked the gonads to go for the job of their dreams and can't stand watching others do what they never tried to do.


  7. Can't say I've seen that one. I have streaming netflix for my tv and it's filled with crappy movies like jesus christ: vampire hunter and the like. Generally anything with Bruce Campbell is awesome. He's my go to guy for bad movies.


  8. I liked 'The 6th Sense'… I did NOT like 'The Village'… that movie was SO bad… not only did I want my money back… but my lost time as well!!!!'Rocky Horror' is another good one, I think…~shoes~


  9. I haven't seen that film, but I know what you mean in general. I'm perfectly capable of dissecting and analysing a good film – but I'm equally happy to switch my brain off and watch something that maybe doesn't have quite the same "artistic" credentials, but which is just fun.Visiting from SITS to wish you a happy Saturday 😀


  10. I love Steve Buscemi….My absolute favourite movie is From Dusk til Dawn…its an amazing, crazy ride…not to everyones liking. It has vampires, Quentin Tarantino, George Clooney and my favourite director – Robert Rodriguez…


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