Envelope Pusher


Call it a Scorpio thing (I do) but I break rules. I stay up past my bedtime, toss the batteries in the garbage and wear white after Labor Day.

This is not to say I am rude.

I take pleasurable stock in the little pay it forward‘ things I do during the week. Grocery Girl only carrying three items behind my half full cart? Go ahead… I have rags to read in line. Left Turn Guy wants in my lane? I make a point to flag the person in against traffic.

Pushing the envelope is fun for me. Maybe it’s the thrill of getting caught, but I find it exciting and even sometimes romantic.

When Kevin and I went on an illegal goose chase last month for the greater good of our new bedroom, no one was arrested, and we got a great I can’t believe we did that rush.

Tonight, just staying up past my “Spring Forward” bedtime is fun.

Nothing crazy mind you. For now, I sit and enjoy my Pinot Noir, the sound of Kevin snoring while I watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl on Showtime.

So tell me. What things do you like to do to push the envelope???

17 thoughts on “Envelope Pusher

  1. Ooh! Billie Piper… oops, too young.I was gonna say tearing the "Do not remove labels" from mattresses. But that has been so overused. I don remember as a kid going into a new construction house after the electricians had been there and taking the knockouts from junction and switch boxes [they were metal then] just to see how many I could collect. Then there was the jumping off the rooves into sand piles… just idiot kid stuff.Gosh, I'm not sure I push envelopes much any more. Just talking about some of the old behaviors seems risky.


  2. Waiting until the last possible second to leave, to get somewhere just in the nick of time.Consuming things way past the "date" marker on a food/drink product. And the most dangerous envelope I push……..my wife.


  3. Ohhh I like all of these! It's fun to be 'bad' when the thing you do is somewhat harmless….Shock value is fun too. When the girl behind he Barnes and Noble asked "what are you writing" when bagging up my 2010 Writer's Market, I told her. "I'm writing a memoir about the days I was a stripper in Waikiki". She blushed. Kevin shook his head. "you have no filter" he says. I smiled and we left the book store.


  4. Just for the record, and in case any law enforcement agencies are reading this blog, I don't know Christine Macdonald and I don't know anything about a mattress. =)


  5. I speed. Terribly. I never get tickets. Warnings, but no tickets!I know my time will run out. But I can't stop speeding.Bad girl.I don't recycle all the time either. 😉


  6. I like to tell people exactly what I'm doing that breaks their rules… But in a way that makes them think I'm kidding.As in:Oh sure, I'm hooking up with your boyfriend every time you turn your back. *Scoff*Hey, ya know what? It was honest… Sort of. :/


  7. I take myself out of the office kitchen cleaning roster. Granted it's not exactly Rebel Without A Cause, but if I wanted to clean up after people I'd stay home. 🙂


  8. You have a lot of bows in that quiver of questions. Some that are funny, some that are deep and personal. At this rate we will all show up on the same couch with you saying "So how does that make you feel?" Insecure no doubt!


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