Garcheology can be scary

If the Internet existed in the 70’s, Yoda would be named Yoogle.

About a year or so, I made up the word Garcheology©

It is the act of digging up random things through Google’s search engine.

I love navigating through Google’s revolving doors of little blue hyperlinks. It is my spell check, Wikipedia foyer and cardboard laptop box full of – everything.

I found someone today. Google took me to a place where within the hour, I was emailing the sibling of the very gal who introduced me to stripping. Ever since attaining her phone number, my stomach has been tied up like Frankenstein and my former stripper-self is Teri Garr.

What if she doesn’t want to hear from me?
What if she tells me stories I don’t want to hear? More importantly – why haven’t I called her yet?

I know I am going to make the call eventually, and I will let you know how it pans out. For now, I just need to sit with the idea that I can pick up the phone and hear 1987 again.

I bet she hasn’t aged a bit.




11 thoughts on “Garcheology can be scary

  1. I'm always more scared to think…"What if they don't remember me." Lord knows that a lot of people pull that "remember me?" shit on me and I have to fake it 'til I make it. Horrible feeling.


  2. It truly is amazing how the internet has reignited friendships, reconnected people all within a few clicks of a mouse. I understand. I have that same sort of situation. Someone who meant a lot to me. But, for various reasons I've been afraid to contact them even though I have all their numbers. There was a lot of hurt involved and we both need to make amends, but it's daunting that first step. Good luck.Also Google is a hypochondriac's dream and worst nightmare all at once. I convince myself every other day that I have an exotic disease.


  3. I kind of feel like Kevin. What if they don't remember me? Yet it doesn't keep me from looking people up, whether it be on Facebook or through Google or whatever. I'm curious as to what happened to them. Good luck with making your phone call 🙂


  4. Before the internet, we used to sit quietly in the library researching things we were interested in. It seems so slow and unproductive now doesn't it.With Google and Facebook, the past can come back like a flash flood…Secretia


  5. @RJ – One of my favorite movies, couldn't resist. Thanks. I hope so…@Joann – OMG I do that too! Kevin laughs at me when I have a cold and suddenly think it's a brain tumor. @Jenny – Thanks. I will call – just not sure when…@Tara – Thanks, girlie! I do the same thing too. :)@Secretia – Remember "Look it up in the Dictionary"? Who has the time now? ;)@Fishy – You're welcome. I enjoy your stories! Gene is the MAN. SO is Marty. And Madelline (is the WoMAN).


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