Pick a number

How old would you be if you didn’t know
how old you are? – Satchel Paige

22 thoughts on “Pick a number

  1. I love the pictures you post with your blogs. The picture above takes me back to my earliest school days, in the early fifties (yes, I'm that old). That is exactly what little girls looked like then!Melissa XX


  2. Wow! Love all these. Thanks for commenting. 🙂 The question is asked to help us realize our inner spirit – do we feel younger than we are? Are we older health-wise than our years? It's an interesting question and I love the feedback. My own answer would be: I feel older than my 41 years right now. I need to be more active and play more. A work in progress, I am! Keep 'em coming, people! xxoo


  3. I always thought I stopped mentally aging at 18… Until our dance class became 50% 30+ers and 50% 18 year olds. Now I don't know (and feel old..) :)Stace


  4. 36 seems like a good age. When I actually was 36 I was in the middle of being a mom. Right in the busy-years.It would be interesting to be 36 now without that – not without my girls, but without the busyness. Not old, but not young.


  5. How could I have missed this post!?!? I absolutely LOVE this… LOVE, I say. I would have to say the age I am now…for the most part anyway. Somedays, when I down on the floor with Trinity I remember what it felt like to be her age. Not much about my spirit has changed, I just crack and groan more getting back up. LOL Did I mention how much I LOVE this post??? LOL


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