.Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die ~ Carrie Fisher
Many people hang on to anger. They would rather hold a grudge than their hands out, reaching for reconciliation. Forgiveness is not always easy and every challenge is unique.
Was there a time in your life when you forgave someone – or received forgiveness and it felt like a weight was lifted? 

6 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. I try not to do harm in any situation, but a few years back at my children's school, a large fundraiser that I was involved with had someone at the helm who really shouldn't have been. I was shocked when I found out that a few donations (furnishings, home decor) for the fundraiser had been taken by this woman for her own home. I knew I had to report her and I did. She was asked to step down and she was so incensed she pulled her kids from the school. She has never forgiven me and will turn her head whenever she sees me. I've tried, but nothing. It does weigh on my heart every once and awhile.


  2. Years after I was fired from a job, one I wasn't doing properly at the time, I met the manager who let me go. I had hated him all the time, but I told him the truth, and "forgave" him for firing me. It felt good.Secretia


  3. @Joann – You did the right thing. :)@Danielle – VERY good point! If only we could forgive ourselves for things as easy as we forvige others…@Secretia – I agree – a weight is lifted for sure.


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