Grown up and Gay


Straight ladies, gather around. It’s time to light another candle and mourn the loss of another swoon worthy celebrity. You know, because we all had a shot.

Ricky Martin certainly didn’t shock us today when publicizing his sexual orientation. Some will praise the 38 year old singer for his honesty while other, more conservative types will shake their heads and punch another hole in their ‘you’re going to hell’ card.

Whatever side your bread is buttered, the loaves will always vary. Instead of trying to stomach the banana nut bread when you know it’s not your taste, why not stick with the toasted sourdough you are comfortable with?

In a statement from the Associated Press today cleverly titled “Livin’ la vida open”, Nekesa Mumbi Moody quotes Ricky Martin as saying: “Allowing myself to be seduced by fear and insecurity became a self-fulfilling prophecy of sabotage. Today I take full responsibility for my decisions and my actions.”

As a father and entertainer, Ricky Martin is setting a very good example for us all to live our most authentic life – upside, inside and out.


16 thoughts on “Grown up and Gay

  1. I think it's great that he is being honest about his orientation. I also think it's such a shame that he didn't feel comfortable being honest until now. I guess it's hard to escape old fashioned societal pressure – even if you're a celebrity.


  2. Good for Ricky. I am glad he finally feels brave enough to show the truth. It is beyond sad to me that in this "enlightened' age, a world where we supposedly have risen above prejudice, that gay people still have valid reasons to fear stepping out of the closet. I could just rail on this forever, that we have laws violating civil rights, that there is still so much ignorance here in our land of the free, that a beautiful woman I know, a lesbian, a partner, a mother to an 11 year old boy who has been her child since the moment she tied off his umbilical cord, has no rights to him because she is the gay partner of the boy's biological mother. Enough of the soapboxing. I will shake my fist for far too long on this, I have an awful feeling.Yay for Ricky! Although I mourn just as I did so many years ago when George Michael came out and was still hot. Those boys oozed sexy. Sigh. I wished they played with girls. Oh well. Lucky boys.


  3. Whaaaa???This does not bode well for pretty boys. Perhaps I *shouldn't* throw Man's ugly stained tee shirt in the garbage. As long as he's wearing it, he's battin' for me, right? Right?!?!Seriously, though. Good for Rickey.


  4. It really is too bad he waited so long. I like to think we are all sooo past worrying about this sort of thing but it really isn't so. I live in the bay area and as accepting as the area as a whole professes to be I have several gay friends who still will not tell their employers that they are gay for fear of discrimination. Hopefully Ricky's story will start some other much needed conversations!


  5. It's like I said about NPH coming out, women everywhere are shattered and men everywhere are cheering.Even the straight ones, because it's less competition.And the married ones are like "You can't leave me for Ricky Martin anymore, so I'm not going to work out and stay fit. I'm going to be a fatty"


  6. ok. I hope I don't sound like a bitch.I don't really understand why people feel they need to tell everyone they are gay. I never see straight people throwing parades for a straight pride day either.In fact, when straight people constantly feel the need to announce they are straight, or that they are not gay, I question whether they are secure enough with sexuality. Most times, they are not. It is just like the jock in school who always puts down gays or someone with an Alabama twangy voice constantly saying the words "faggot" or "gay" in every sentence as slang.(insert deliverance music here)I guess I don't like billboards, whether it be a gay bashing idiot or a gay person who constantly needs to talk about their gayness.There is more to a person then what goes on in their bedroom ( or what doesn't go on).I'm happy Mr. Martin is happy but I could give a shit if he is gay or not.


  7. Not much of a revelation, of course. But I always get a kick out of the "lost one to the other team" crowd. Because, as a chubby woman on the far side of menopause, I TOTALLY would have had a chance.


  8. Thanks for your comments everyone. 🙂 @Shelly – You're not sounding like a bitch at all, just open minded enough to think it's insane that gay people still feel the need to come out publicly. I agree with you about the parades, etc in that straight people don't have parades – why do they? The thing is; gay people are looked at differently by some and the 'need' to come out and celebrate who they are openly is a way of them being true to who they are as human beings no matter what society thinks of them. I welcome a time when it doesn't matter to the entire world if someone is out or not. Unfortunately, we aren't there yet. Ricky Martin is writing an autobiography and felt compelled to tell the truth. I appreciate that and I know his children will too. It's really not so much that he's gay — it's that he is honoring his truth. To me, that's the best thing anyone can do.


  9. I say kudos for him. I wish he'd been able to bring himself to say something earlier and, like previous commenters said, I hope one day this won't even be an issue.


  10. I would have sworn I already knew that! I thought he came out a long time ago. It is a shame that society makes people "have to come out" Let people be people.


  11. I'm sad he felt he had to come out as well.I used to work with a gay woman and she said, in her experience, that the straight population tended to sexualize being gay. That the definition of gay was only sexual.When she said it I realized it was true and I was sad it was true.We may think we know what is going on in someone's head, but we never really do.


  12. I just found your blog and I agree with Shelly on the fact that I don't give a damn if he's gay or not. I don't care about the sexual orientations of my friends. And it's also true that straight people don't have straight parades or brag about being straigt but they also don't get bullied/mocked of/assaulted/ threatened or even killed because they're straight 😉 The day every gay person will feel safe, they won't need to hide or "to come out". Just my 2 cents.


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