Pity Pot


Some days we all feel like shredding the hand of cards we’re dealt. We sit on our proverbial pity pots of why me and if only waiting for our sides of grass to be greener.

For some of us, it is so comfortable to sink in to such negative thinking patterns that we linger too long and our lives become a bitter mess of resentment. Nothing says unattractive like entitlement and pouting (except for not bathing and farting).

Take it from me, a recovering drug addict with narcissist tendencies and arrested development. It’s no picnic feeling sorry for yourself. The longer we make excuses for not taking care of ourselves, the sooner our mental and physical heath take notice and we literally break down from the inside out.

Life is so much easier when during the hard times, you learn to remember what you have rather than what you [think you] need.

The grass may seem greener on the other side, but remember: sometimes it’s fucking Astro Turf.

15 thoughts on “Pity Pot

  1. I know that plight well! If it's one thing I learned in therapy, it's that what we assume we see is rarely the case. Astroturf. It's a refreshing kind of relief to believe we are all hot messes in our own way. 🙂


  2. Excellent advice Christine. When something isn't right, I always try to remember that I have it pretty good and there is always someone else worse off than me who would be happy to have my so called problems. The best part of your article is :Life is so much easier when, during the hard times, you learn to remember what you have rather than what you are lacking.


  3. Yea… I envy at my friends who have climbed up and up… But ask them, they are more unsatisfied than me…At times I see the pointlessness of grumbling. Humans are never meant to be content


  4. Sometimes we all just need to realize that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, it just means they have a higher water bill! 😀 Great blog btw. Stopping by from SITS. Have a great day.


  5. @Matty – Thanks Matty. Sometimes all it takes to make us wake up a bit is to realize what we do have. @Jon – The point of grumbling, for me was always the 'poor me' trap. Then I realized we are all struggling with different things and to make myself a victor, not a victim. Thanks for the comment, Jon! @Maureen – Thanks girlie! So true about the water bill! :)@JennyMac – I agree with the hospital visit. I spent an afternoon in a burn unit when my skin was really bad and it really helped me not feel sorry for myself.


  6. Being happy is a choice. You get up like everyone else does and you choose to go on and do what needs doing, smile at people you meet, speak kindly to others or not.I also think lowered expectations, especially of others, means less disappointment.


  7. I hate to say this, but I actually have a few bolgs that I read because they remind me of how good I have it. Either a child died or they are just a "pity party" all of the time. Sad, but sometimes we do what we can to keep ourselves above water!


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