Coullda, Shoullda, Woullda


How many of us think I coullda, shoullda, woullda?

Some will say they never do.I know it’s fashionable to play the no regrets card. I get it. I understand that who we are today is directly related to our choices in the past, no matter how poor some were.

When it comes to regrets I have some doozies, but I don’t focus on the past. What is now, is alive and filled with promise. What echoes behind me are lessons and memories woven within my spirit and strength of character.

We may not always be proud of our history, but we all share a common bond of owning it. So the next time you find yourself saying coullda, shoullda, woullda, give yourself permission to let it go. I am learning to do that.

You can’t open up new doors if you carry around old keys.

12 thoughts on “Coullda, Shoullda, Woullda

  1. I've had lots of those moments in my life. I remember little snippets of life that seemed important for some reason or another and replay them. I don't really get down because of it, just try to get myself to react faster next time and go for it.


  2. I did a post about this a month or so ago – about regrets and I pissed off my sister because I had this perception of my childhood and she didnt like me splattering it all over the interwebs and my blog.I guess something just need to be left behind.I've now got my new set of keys ready.


  3. This is a fabulous post 🙂 I love the "can't open new doors with old keys" – I've never thought of it that way – but it's true!! Thank you for another great get-you-thinking post!


  4. @Christopher – React faster. I like it! @Gillian – My sister and I are the exact same way. It's your blog, you are free to write what you like and your memories are yours, not hers. We all have regrets (I think). It's how we learn. :)@WTWA – Ohhhh, I am familiar with that one! @Tara – Thanks. Yes, very hard sometimes! @Daisy – Thanks D! This will be hard to believe, but I wrote that last line when I was about 14 years old. I was in High School and trying to get over a crush. It always stuck.


  5. I try hard to not regret the choices I've made. Only the outcome of those choices and what might have been done differently.Now is about living in the moment and doing the next right thing.


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