Stripper Scoop: Top five questions answered

Strippers are known for showing skin but sometimes asking the right question reveals much more.



Q: What sort of training do you get or are you just told to go out there and start dancing?

A: Good old fashioned self-taught, on the job training. In 1987 there was no such thing as a stripper class. Having natural timing and rhythm is not a stripping prerequisite, but it helps. Unlike Usher (if you’re my age, Deney Terrio) strippers tend to slow their moves down. Nothing says ‘don’t tip me’ like a g-string drive by.


Q: How much money did you make on a good night?

A: I would take home enough money to pay my monthly rent on a good night. Corporate executives make a lot more for doing the same thing, and they keep their clothes on.

Plastic Surgery

Q: Did you ever feel pressured to have plastic surgery?

A: I was never pressured but did get my breasts augmented three years in to my career (I have since removed them, in my 30s). I’d love to start a line of ‘boob-job bras’ for strippers and call it Cliché. Breast implants for strippers are what veneers are to actors: an occupational bi-product.


Q: What type of customers frequent strip clubs?

A: As many different types of people who thumb through Playboy are what you will find in any given strip bar. Clientele is as diverse as the strippers themselves. I’ve danced for people of all ages and economic backgrounds. It’s an equal opportunity skin trade.

Question for the customer

Q: Are there any questions that you, as a dancer, have ever wanted to ask the men or women who frequent strip clubs?

A: “Do you plan on tipping me soon or are you expecting a rabbit to fly out of my ass?”

Copyright © 2010 Christine Macdonald. All rights reserved.

12 thoughts on “Stripper Scoop: Top five questions answered

  1. Wow. That's a big chunk of change. Good for you. I love that you're spotlighting this part of your life. It's true, there are so many curiosities about the stripper life and really, not many of us, have the ability to ask the right people. I think it's fascinating and I can't wait to read the book.


  2. I love your question to customers. It just kills me to see guys go to a strip club and just sit there and pretend that they're not there to see the girls. Who do they think they're bullshitting?


  3. Great answers. I had a couple of very good friends that were strippers and I know this is going to sound silly, but I was jealous at some points.


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