Take my advice, please

I am the queen of projection. Constantly giving my advice with things I need to work on myself. Learning to identify this lovely personality trait and tackling it head-on has been an eye opening experience.

Have you ever said something that made you cringe because it sounded just like your mother or father? Not that we cringe to think of them so much as we don’t want to become them. We love our individuality and realizing we are more like our parents than we thought makes that apple fall closer to the tree doesn’t it?

I have many flaws. I’m sure you do to (right?). Recognizing them and keeping the focus on myself is much more realistic than trying to fix everyone around me. Obsession, denial, projection..oh my!

Here’s where you tell me — What advice do you give that you need to take yourself?

8 thoughts on “Take my advice, please

  1. Ah Thank you for doing this post. My friends have been driving me nuts lately coming to me with their problems & of course I'm there for them but I'm actually having a medical surgery in 2 weeks, so I really need to concentrate on myself for a lil bit. I got my healthy snacks & lunch & I'm all ready to go!! Oh yeah I realized 2 weekends ago I was just like my mom because we were leaning on a table & we both had a our hands exactly the same way & the same expressions. =)Hope you have a great week helping yourself!!


  2. For myself? Definitely to be more of a go-getter. I'll tell my s/o until I'm blue on the face to get up and go grab life by the horns (even if it's something as little as mowing the lawn or as big as it's time to use that college degree mommy and daddy paid for and look for a real job instead of being safe in the summer job someone else got you 8 years ago) and i'll be sitting on the sofa next to him.Although, all that projecting and sounding like my parents sure keeps my house tidier! 🙂


  3. I'm skipping along the same road in my ruby slippers…obsession, denial, projection. Oh My!:-)I used to walk every morning with a gal who would tell me of her husbands passive/aggressive behaviour towards her. He would ride her about her weight (his family are all those lean sinuey types that don't ever gain). He would do things like tell his son how proud he was of him to stop eating when he was full. That would make me so mad if it were happening to me! And yet my own boyfriend justified online flirtations with old girlfriends because he told me that he was no longer attracted to me because I had put on some extra weight. It took me two years to kick him to the curb. Who needs pressure like that? He should love me and be attracted to ME no matter whether I'm 110lbs or 150. Bah.


  4. I probably need to remind myself to TAKE myself more seriously…Ive had my rough spells in Life… and have turned things into fun… sometimes, I probably need to be a bit more serious than I am… but as a prof, my students tell me that they like this side of me… and that it is conducive to their learning… so who know…Hope all is well for you!~shoes~


  5. Note to 'f8hasit' One of the sexiest women Ive ever dated told me she needed to lose weight… said she weighed about 150… I asked her to not change a thing… ;o)~shoes~


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