Checkin’ in…


I had gum surgery yesterday. Good times.

Today I sit at home recovering, working on the book while trying to manage my throbbing mouth.

I hope everyone is doing well and I can’t wait to catch up with my fabulous bloggy friends! I am determined to finish the chapter I am struggling with today.
Aloha ~

10 thoughts on “Checkin’ in…

  1. Oh, honey. I'm sorry about the surgery. I'm about to have some dental surgery myself. There's just no good way around that. I've been thinking of you, figuring you were focused. Good for you. Starting next week, I am a part time blogger myself because as you wisely said, "there is nothing that comes from unread words."Good luck! Feel better.


  2. Thanks my lovelies. It's been a really hard day. As much pain as I was in with the throbbing mouth, writing about the things leading up to my drug and stripping days proved to be extremely hard. It will all be worth it for the story – but it was the first time I re-lived certain things. It's safe to day I am drinking a glass of wine now. xxxooo


  3. Just want to say "goodbye and goodluck" I am leaving the blog scene today officially, I dont know for how long or if I will be back as "me", but I will still be reading your blog (bookmarked)but I will probably be anon. I just wanted to wish you so much love and joy and prosperity and so much luck for your book! I cant wait to buy it, and I just hope that you find your peace on your journey inwards..Much love Nightingale


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