Pavement cracks

So next week we reach October.

Have you forgiven yourself for your mistakes yet? What about those pesky flaws we all have? Have you embraced the beauty that is all you?

The sooner we come full circle, the sooner we can start again. Everyone deserves the opportunity of forgiveness and continuation. Especially with ourselves.

I am such a work-in-progress I should wear orange cones for earrings. I don’t assume to know what I am talking about but – I will only share what I have learned.

What I know is this: If we beat ourselves up, we feel bad, we stop evolving.

Look at who you are and really embrace those cracks in the pavement. Everyone is perfectly flawed. Don’t use this as your reasoning to avoid — life. 

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely”

11 thoughts on “Pavement cracks

  1. I think viewing our world through a child's eyes is really what life is about. I don't have kids of my own, but when I spend time with the little one's in my family — I see a different place full of wonder and excitement.Self-love and forgiveness are so powerful and children help us more than they realize.


  2. Of all the people who have wronged me, the one I have the most difficult time forgiving is myself… *sighs*Life would be easier if I would…I hope all is going well for you…~shoes~


  3. Children are just as John Locke says, a blank sheet (Tabula Rasa). They aren't crumped and dirty like most of us feelwe are. (when as a matter of fact, most of us aren't crumpled or dirty, we only accuse ourselves of being so..)


  4. hi. i stumbed upon your blog in the blogs of note section as i sit unproductively at work. Ive only taken the time to blog recently, but Ive loved "blog hopping" since I was maybe 13? I'm not sure.. Anways, I havent sat down to read all your posts, (when I really like a blog, I read everything..) but this post really hit me. I have alot of issues with the world, with loved ones and most of all, with myself. I feel like I put so much pressure on myself to be the perfect breed of superwoman, and when I'm unable to acheieve it, I blame myself, for not pushing me hard enough. It is a pretty horrible cycle, but I can't seem to break it. But a quick read like this reminds me that I should. Thanks. 🙂


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