Crazy is the new black

Being medicated is like being in the criminal system: once you get locked in, it’s hard to get out.

I’ve been called coke whore, boozer, pill-popper and just plain crazy. I have answered to all. When unsupervised, my brain can be chaos.

Thanks to self-induced damage from decades of abuse and good old-fashioned hard-wiring there is nothing more I can do than embrace The Crazy.

I am obsessive.

I am a drama queen.

I am compulsive.

I use double spacing and fragmented sentences for effect.

The reason I love Carrie Fisher so much (and Wishful Drinking) is because we share the same balls-out attitude. What is the alternative – shame? I don’t have the right wardrobe for that.

Everyone has a story. So tell me — what’s yours?

Anonymous comments welcome.


7 thoughts on “Crazy is the new black

  1. You kinda know my story. But unfortunately I sorta live in a culture that doesn't really allow for the "balls out" ideal. I'm pretty much always dressed for shame.Although, if you saw me in action on any given day, you'd be thanking heaven I've got enough shame to not do, say, think more than I already do (say, think)!Repression is SO underrated.


  2. My story….ima high school drop out who got pregnant at 16, nothing too exciting, but I too do not have the wardrobe for shame, I speak my mine and i often get described as "spicy" I guess its a polite word for bitchy.


  3. A five foot nothing scots red-head who loved violence during her school years. I would've kicked yer arse if you looked at me side-ways.I've calmed down a lot but don't fucking back-stab me or I will go ape-shite on yer arse.


  4. On a total whim, I picked up Wishful Drinking at the bookstore about six months ago. Very quick read because she writes so well, and it's a short book! I really liked it and gained a new appreciation for her accomplishments and talent, particularly after what she has been through.


  5. WOW!!! I just cant get over how raw and honest your writing is!!How the heck do you allow yourself to be so honest??? That has to be so liberating!!When I master that…I'll be on top of the world!!!


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