Take my vice, please

Call it what you want, we all have them; little vices that we indulge in from time to time. Some of us call it addiction while others will say it’s just a little treat we give ourselves. An escape from the day to day.

It all depends on us. What do we use for escape?

Chocolate, shopping, surfing the Internet, French bread, sex, wine; we can be addicted to just about anything. Our kids may be addicted to video games, texting, sports or even slacking.

So when does an indulgence become a full blown addiction? A good way to gauge this is knowing the actual meaning:

The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming.

It’s no secret I am a recovering drug addict. Now it seems I can’t get enough sugar in my diet. I sure hope exercise is next.

So tell me, what are you addicted to? Have been, or know of someone who is/was?

Anonymous commenting is okay.

10 thoughts on “Take my vice, please

  1. My addictions change.It once was the whole wheat raspberry cinnamon bread rolls from Great Harvest Bread Company when my office was in the same building as their bakery.It once was the Lindt chocolate bars with raspberry liquor when I did my shopping at this fancy schmancy grocery that had them displayed right on the check out line!Now? I'd say it's an enslavement to French bread sex with caramel sauce.


  2. I tend to fixate on something for weeks at a time, and then trade it for something else. Candy, internet, sleep, Brazilian cocaine, candy again – they all line up and take their turns.JK about the cocaine. But only because I've never tried it. I'm pretty sure that it would only take once and I'd be mugging Japanese tourists for drug money. As it is I'm tempted to do the same thing for Peanut Butter M&M money. And also, because mugging Japanese tourists just seems like the right thing to do.


  3. A therapist once told me I was a love addict. And according to her, one can not find a cure for a love addiction. I fired her as a therapist. What a thing to say!?!I think I've solved that one, but what has replaced it is my addiction to the blog world. But if I dissect that addiction I find it is nothing other than the same old love addiction. (Read me, tell me you love me, tell me I am important, blah blah blah…)I think I will contact that therapist again and tell her it may never be cured, but it will change its face…*sigh*


  4. For me it was porn years ago…now it might be the age..i have reduced the quantity to a large extent!!And now I am into exercising…cant do without it in the mornings


  5. In junior and senior high I was addicted to riding lessons – every dollar I earned went to pay for them, and as long as I got my one hour a week on a horse, I could make it through the next 7 days to the next lesson. In college and for two years after, I was addicted to TaeKwonDo…6 days a week 1.5-3 hours/day. Twenty years later, I'm addicted to kickboxing conditioning class. I have sense enough to stay out of the ring/cage (enough blows to the head already), and I've knocked it down to 2-3 days a week instead of 6, but my body is protesting the abuse. Screw that. It's going to do what I tell it to do… and that is the essence of my addiction – it's all about being in total control of something. ANYTHING. It's all an illusion, but it's MY illusion, and it makes my days livable. Is that bad?


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