Ghosts of stripper’s past

Thanks to modern technology, I’ve reconnected with yet another one of my old gal-pals from the industry.

She referred to me as Stephanie, my old stage name (also my middle name). I was floored. It made me realize just how differnt I was.

It’s odd. I feel so different, but in many ways I am exactly the same. Isn’t that the truth – so many of us retain our fundamental characteristics, no matter how much we evolve.

There are so many things I can’t wait to catch up on with my new-found friend. I hope we get to share a reunion soon with the other gal we matched up with on line.  I knew them by their stage names, so, in a way, it will be like meeting them for the first time. I can’t wait.

I suppose it’s not unlike finding someone who you’ve lost touch with in school. We were all so young, it’s strange and beautiful to see current photos and learn of babies and weddings.

What about you? Are there any people with whom you share a very special past with? Perhaps someone who slipped through the cracks of life, that you would love to re-connect?

Life is short, sometimes all it takes is a click of the keyboard.

5 thoughts on “Ghosts of stripper’s past

  1. I actually reconnected with an old flame through facebook and honestly, I wish I would have left it alone. I had such wonderful memories of him but he's not the same person I knew and I don't know that I even like him very much anymore. Sad, really. Sorry to bring the house down. 🙂


  2. Aaawwww! I was going to talk about a really good friend from high school with who I've recently reconnected via Facebook when Charlene took up center stage with her "been dating him for 13 years now" how sweet is THAT?


  3. I recently reconnected with an old love on Facebook. We had this torrid, passionate affair where we almost burned each other to pieces with our then tortured souls. It ended badly, very badly. I think I might have wounded him more and I have always been sorry for that. He was a restless guy with a lot of dreams but with some really awful ghosts he was trying to escape. He is phenomenal now and I could not be happier for him. He is an amazing success with a happy personal life and he is in the midst of bicycling across the country over 3,000 miles in 41 days to raise money for a worthy charity. Happy endings make me smile. I hope you're able to reunite soon.


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