Ah Sunday. The day of rest and catching up with old friends you keep blowing off because of one thing or another.

I can’t believe how amazing my friends are.

They know I am a little crazy and come to expect the dark side to come out every now and again, but here’s what: they love me no matter what.

Gone are the days where wars of words with the ex man-boy, over God knows what because he thought I was stalking him (when really I just learned of his on-line harem) in addition to the ball and chain at home. Don’t get me going on the Romanian crazy person who says (I think literally believes) she’s a vampire. We both had a nice run at that debacle of a year. In the end I ended up having to get a restraining order. I’m so happy that’s all over.

Yup. You could say I’ve made some pretty horrible choices in the past – but not with my friends. 

The here and now. then and always. My true friends.

These people know me to the bone and love me unconditionally.

It’s for this reason I have organized a little boat picnic in Newport Pier today. I am blessed, grateful and honored to call them my family.

My 42nd birthday is next month — and I can’t think of anything I would rather do than leave the past behind and start older and wiser — with real people who know what love is.

Thank you, my amazing friends. Love you — crazy and all.

3 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Having great friends is something that nothing else in life can quite equal, and that you have so many good friends says a lot about you.Have a great time on the picnic, and happy early b-day.


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