I don’t get morning people

Rainy day here in Southern California.

I am finally feeeling back to my old self after being sick for so long.  Looking at my email in-box this morning, I am slightly overwhelmed. I wish I could just stay in bed.
Ever have one of those days? Jammies want to trump business casual today, but I am here, ready for the day. Ok, maybe ready is a stretch. We’ll just say — I am here.
I am going to remind myself how grateful I am to have my job and the people I work with are fantastic. I am just not a morning person – but better that than an unemployed person! It’s all on how you see that glass, right?
Half full. Half full. Half full…..

8 thoughts on “I don’t get morning people

  1. Yes, "half full half full half full " is my mantra on my morning commute. and during lunch. and througout the day until I get home. half full. Great post! From one not-a-morning-person to another. Best, Li @LaLicenciada@HerDeepThoughtsPS I love the look of your blog now!


  2. I've been fighting crud for the past three weeks… with about a week's worth of pneumonia thrown in for meanness… Home with jammies sounds great… especially flannel jammies…~shoes~


  3. I love that painting, too Christopher. Although I have to admit that, Philistine that I am, I've only ever seen it in the board game "Masterpiece".I'm definitely a night owl. Morning people have this vague air of superiority, like somehow they're better than us, their nocturnal cousins, just because they can get up and go to bed with the chickens.I've said it before: When I'm finally in charge of the universe, there will be one planet for night owls and one planet for morning people. And the night owl planet will eventually conquer the morning people planet, and so help me, we will make you our slaves!


  4. I didn't used to be a morning person either. Kids change all of that. As does coffee. I'm feeling you on the emails, girl. Some day, we'll catch up, oh and be published authors.


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