Wake up and smell the insomnia

I can’t keep my eyes open.

Sure, it’s Monday and I’m only one sip in with my morning coffee, but this is ridiculous.
A couple days ago I finally did it. I invested in a really great mattress. It gets delivered Wednesday.
Insomnia, your days are numbered.
If changing my mattress doesn’t help with my sleeping habits, it’s off to the sleep therapist. I can’t take these sleeping meds anymore.
How about you?
What do you do to wake up?

10 thoughts on “Wake up and smell the insomnia

  1. I have mattress I have had forever. If I have a hard time sleeping I realize the temp. in my home has to be cooler . Then if my mind doesnt stop it is good to put on Golf or something soft so that my mind relaxes . If I am not getting enough excercise and eating right this would be another contributing factor to Insomnia . I have many friends that suffer from Insomnia. They have gone to the Dr.s and got a pill they take every day .. and now cant live with out the pill .


  2. a work out then a nice hot shower followed by a quick blast of cold water before I get out…..the chick at the hair salon told me that the cold water closes the hair shaft to hold in more conditioner, I dont notice a difference in my hair, but it sure as heck wakes me up.


  3. Interesting that you write about this. I sleep on a mattress that is at least 25 years old and has seen it's better days. Sometimes I wake up and my back hurts. My wife is forever bugging me to get a new one. I know it's time, but I hate doing the shopping for another one.


  4. @Anonymous – I know what you mean about friends who can't live w/out a sleep aid. Ugh. @Choleesa – I heard that about the water too! That's a great idea, thank you. @Matty – Listen to your little lady! I can't say for sure but something tells me that mattress is ready to die, if it hasn't already. 🙂 @Melissa – Sometimes I take 2 Benadryl, night time cough medicine and sleep pills… still hard to fall asleep. :(@Jerica – I need to get a good book light and read at night instead of watching the news. Thanks for the comments you guys. It really means a lot. 🙂


  5. You've got a lot on your plate righ now, my friend. Maybe a little anxiety is keeping the adrenalyne pumping through your system at night? I get what you're saying about 'no pills', but is it possible you're just not treating the right problem?


  6. I got a new mattress in 1994 and it's still a great mattress. I don't think any sleep problems have to do with a mattress though.As I, and my friends, age we all sleep less.I never drink coffee after 4 p.m., take a hot shower, dress in s cotton shirt, eat a carton of yogurt, read for 15 minutes, turn out the lights and breathe deep. I go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time. I never set an alarm. Even with this routine I will have a night I cannot go to sleep. I read and watch TV and pass the time till daylight, get up and do my routine and go to work.As of sleeping aids; I used to take Tylenol PM but then I took it every night afraid I'd not sleep without it. I stopped that and just deal.


  7. I can tell you what is helping me (seriously) and I have a looooooooooooong history with insomnia.I am taking chilated magnesium (I may have spelled that wrong) before I go to bed; this relaxes you and helps you FALL asleep.Then I take melatonin to help me STAY asleep. It's not perfect all the time, but I have a much better sleep record right now.Insomnia is horrible and I wanted a natural way to help me.Oh and a smallish fat-laden carb-free snack before bed. Helps the blood sugar stay stable (blood sugar dips can wake you up).Hugs and good luck!


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