Realist…or romantic?

We’ve all been there – the feeling of butterflies – or nausea – or both, when we fall in love.

Love is so powerful, there are entire genres dedicated to the topic. Songs, movies, television shows. Everyone is trying to find it, get over it, get it back, or simply remember it.

I’ve been in love a total of two times. My current fella is #2. The first time I was in love was over twenty years ago.

I don’t get out much.

There is such as being in love with Love. I have gladly suffered this romantic plight my entire life. It’s the thing that gets us to go to keep trying, but it’s also the thing that caused me to try too hard. I tried to fit the circles in to squares. I dated a few circles who, I knew were wrong for me, but that feeling of thinking I was in love chased me down like cupid on steroids.

So tell me, are you a realist or romantic? How do you know when you feel love?

14 thoughts on “Realist…or romantic?

  1. Had to laugh when you said 'I don't get out much'. It is a lot more difficult for women, it seems, to take the risk and fall in love. Somehow, even though it is something that requires an additional participant, being in love is often seen as the terrian of women.Anywho, I am in the midst of wondering not only will I be able to recognize love again when I manifest, but being open to receiving that super special romantic love when it shows up.Good that you have found yours… that should be what your next book is about!


  2. oh, i'm a romantic through and through. i fall in love with love easily, never stepping back to think if this person is right for me or not. it will be nice to actually fall in love one day.great post!


  3. Oh I am SUCH a romantic and a drama queen. And that combination can be deadly to all involved. I have tried to to mold myself into someone I was not, too. I am so glad for this man of mine now. Who loves me for all of these years, no matter the fact that the real me is always showing. Sometimes moody, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always, always me. I spotted your email about the writer's trip. I'm still wading through emails after being gone for so long. I'll take a peek as soon as I can and let you know. It would be such fun!


  4. I think Im realistically romantic.I know Im in love when I absolutely cannot wait to see the one I love. Even after being with someone for a while, I still get the anxious/nervous feeling right before I see them.


  5. @Joann – You and I are so much alike it's scary. Yes, this trip would be with you! It's on your coast and I already have a room, so come! 🙂 @Choleesa – I hear you. I love/hate/love that feeling. 🙂


  6. I've been in love three times. Currently am in love with two of those. I've been in lust much more, and that's fine. A woman, or a man, of experience is more interesting than a virgin, I hear.


  7. Definitely romantic but at this time in my life, it sure seems like finding someone is a bit hopeless. But I try not to get too down about it or try too hard….instead just enjoy the life I have in the present, still with the burning hope to meet Mr. (or Miss) Right =)


  8. I got divorced because I am a romantic. It took me a long time to realize I need to follow my heart instead of conforming and living complacently. I don't even know for sure what I'm looking for, but I sure am glad I'm on the right path.


  9. Christine,I am definitely a romantic. I have been in love… 6 times. Married three. (In lust a few more times!) The latest is my husband of 18 years. We find time on rare occasions to be romantic. We celebrate our anniversary.Sometimes he is not romantic enough for me, but I will keep him.Marry for love because I have known a few who married for money and were never happy and it is so sad.


  10. Oh, I’m a romantic always. I fall in love easily but I may not let on until I’m fairly certain some feelings are reciprocated. A defense mechanism for sure. I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve but once you’re in, your in to stay (in my mind). “I don’t get out much” gave me a smile but I understand why you’ve said it. And I agree with the statement above. I always say “marry for love and cross your fingers”. Lovely reflection for today.


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