Dishing dirt

Me (hat) and two of my partners in crime (not strippers) early 90s

Have you ever filled a public fountain with soap and went skinny dipping in the bubbles? How about driving naked through your town at four in the morning? Taken home a complete stranger just because he was one of Madonna’s back up dancers?

Writing my book is certainly bringing up some hard memories, but I have to say, some of them are just plain FUN.

How about you? What silly things did you do in your youth? I promise, your mother isn’t reading this. Dish the dirt!

21 thoughts on “Dishing dirt

  1. You are so lucky to be embarked upon this journey though…and I'm totally envious of the fact that you're writing a book! I'd say "Good for you!" but I don't want to sound condescending or quaint…but really…I think it's terrific!


  2. Oh my… I've done way too much. Way too much. It's so surprising I'm not sick with some disease or dead from never making it back home. I was a bit out of control for a while… And I'm not even worried if my mom reads this, I've had long talks to her about all of it, the swinging parties – everything! Poor mom…


  3. oh that all sounds like fun. Usually my crazy fun stuff starts with "after a couple of beers, it seemed like a good idea", followed by a morning pounding headache and the vow never to do that again, until the next time.


  4. Take a bunch of caffeine pills and go driving around with gfs late late at night.Play drunk frisbee on college campus at night…yeah we lost the frisbee heheProbably a lot more too


  5. My darling girl, I cannot WAIT to read this bestseller. I'm sorry I haven't been around. I'm doing a few revisions and revisions I think might just be harder than the actual story. You know that place you get in, where your head is only in the story, that's me these days. I have done the public fountain thing. And just last weekend, at a girl's reunion, I might just have dabbled in a fountain in the middle of Chicago and I might just have been in a whip cream fight with a men's handball team at a Greek restaurant. But what happens in Chicago, stays in chicago.


  6. Done several naked-when-I-shoulda-had-clothes-on things, but with the Internet being what it is, I shall refrain from splashing them here. Suffice to say, a fair amount of dirt spread across the American landscape is mine. 😉


  7. Hi Christine…Just found you on blogs of note and after only reading 3 posts I can see we walked the same roads in life. Wow. I too am putting my stories to book. Would love to have you check mine out. Great posts btw.


  8. Everyone has some pretty crazy stories about their past if they really think about it…the people with the most wild, crazy stories? well, they get to write books about themselves and bring the money in!anyways one of the craziest things I did was run away with my boyfriend in the middle of a blizzard and lose my virginity to him in an abandoned barn


  9. Dirt huh? Made out with boys but none of them was my boyfriend? Ah… Those days(as if I'm an old lady).Anyway, I'm new to your blog and I enjoy it. I can't wait to discover more interesting posts!


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