Money changes everything

Most of us need more. Some lucky few have enough. Then there are those people who have no concept of its value. Regardless of how much you have, don’t have, wish you had – money changes everything.

When I was stripping, I made a decent amount of cash. It was fluid. I never worried much about having to pay for anything, but I also didn’t have any respect for money.

That was twenty years ago. It’s one of life’s little tricks; you never truly appreciate it when you have it  –  until you don’t.

Today I live paycheck to paycheck and I am still suffering the consequences of learning to respect the value of money.

We all have crossroads in our lives that make us use words like “should.”

I should have saved money when I was making more. I should have listened to my mother. You get the idea.

But here’s the thing. You can’t get time back, so what is the point dwelling on the past? Rather than scold ourselves for mistakes we make, let’s learn to applaud our good choices. Surely we have some of those too.

I am proud of myself for quitting a life of addiction and leaving the stripping life. Sure, I wish the money was still coming in the way it used to. But even though I earn less, I feel like I am worth so much more.


“To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are”

* * *

So tell me: Has money changed you or anyone you know? Do you have any should’s when it comes to money?

39 thoughts on “Money changes everything

  1. I've heard it said that "Money doesn't change us. It only reveals who we really are."… This can be a blessing though, because we can't change what we are unaware of :)… Great Post btw!!


  2. I love the quote you used at the end of the post. Who is it?My financial situation is about to take a major dive so that I can pursue the kind of life I really want instead of continually running in this hampster wheel of a career. I am sure that the change will teach me a lot about not just money, but also about myself.


  3. Brooke, we are just going through that as my husband retrained (aged 40) and went to college for 3 years ie. not earning any money, just gaining a student loan! It has definitely changed his attitude towards money ;-)It is worth it though, if a change of life/career makes you happier!


  4. I spent a few years struggling with debt. Difficult when you have 3 kids to take care of, and a wonderful, but fragile, partner. The future was painful to think about. The present was hard enough.I now have a job that pays better (thanks to training that I completed when I was in financial dire straits, under stress – so Juniper, don't worry, it does pay off in the end) and although I still have some debt, it's manageable. The future is now brighter.In the society we live in, having enough money can remove stress and allow you to live your life… not completely free, but with at least some degree of autonomy.Brooke, I like that quote as well.


  5. Yeah money has always been important and I am a big budgeter but lately I find myself splurging more on clothes and going out to eat. Something I really need to stop doing so much….


  6. Thank you for the lovely comments. I am happy I am not alone with the money thing. I truly appreciate your time and input. Thanks also for the Blog of Note congratulations. It's quite an honor and thrill. 🙂


  7. Congratulations on being named a blog of note Christine. I like your writing style and the photos that you use in your posts. If you have a few minutes, you're welcome to visit my blogs.


  8. Being unemployed/freelancing/living off of benefits actually made me worse when it came to my finances. Sure I saved more than before (don't even know how I was able to), but I was constantly late with payments and really stressed out about checking my balances for fear of seeing that amount. Now that I'm working full-time again, I have to regain those habits and work towards saving AND being more financially responsible.Congrats on being Blog of Note. How awesome!!


  9. Great post. I was raised with alot of money and always thought it would be there, so I had no drive. Then of course we lost all the money. That was the best thing that ever happened to me. Don't get me wrong, it sucked! For a long time. But looking back on how I was with money, I didn't appreciate anything. I wasn't a nice person. Now I appreciate everything. I strive to be a better person. Life gives you what you need to make you "better." Great post. You'll make it work.


  10. Great post. I definitely get where you're coming from. Every time I say that I should save a little money but end up not doing it. Then I realize its all gone and I have nothing really to show for it >_<


  11. Id say the best thing to do with money is invest it in hobbies you love that can possibly bring income. Times a very valuable currency to have as well and spending money takes time.


  12. Great post. As you say, no use reflecting on what you should have done. It's all about what you've learned from that, and what you are going to do with that knowledge now. Congrats at being listed as a Blog of Note


  13. I definitely learned the value of money…I always had jobs when I did not get paid much. I knew "Buying this bag is worth working a whole day at this shitty place". But I am still a student, jobs like these are normal then 🙂 but I still shouldn't spend so much money on cloths, hahabisous,mia


  14. For the rational people, I think the money can only change the life quality. For the people of low cultural and intellectual level, the money is too much related with the life in general… Your opinion article is very interesting. Congratulations. Kisses.


  15. Shoulda, coulda, woulda…If I second-guessed everything I did, I'd be crazier than I already am. I just try to learn from things and fuck up less the next time. :)TershbangoConfessions of a Recovering Cynic


  16. i here you, i wasted three years of my life …wish could've saved for those 3 years…but no point in dwelling in the past…you live and you learn.


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