In so many words

A view of NYC. Photo by Christine Macdonald.
Traveling far from home can mean different things to many people. For some, it’s an escape. Others cling to the rear-view mirror, never allowing new experiences to fully bloom.
Sometimes we don’t give ourselves permission to enjoy different moments in our lives – especially if they take place outside our comfort zone. Floating in the shadows of fear, those special moments remain stagnant, unlived.
My trip to New York was one of those times where excitement and adventure outweighed fear. A couple mild panic attacks aside, last week was amazing. Rather than pontificate in a lengthy post boring you with every detail, I will quickly list whatever words come to mind. You can fill in the blanks with your own imagination.

Glamour gals
Jersey , Manhattan
China Town
Happy Ending Lounge
Hot Bartender
Nicole and her friends
Butterflies, Speaking
Crowd so lovely
They laughed in all the right places
Little Italy
Pinot Noir
Laced up shoes in the rain
Fall leaves brushed through town
Quiet cemetery
The man with the artificle leg
Coney Island
Shoot The Freak
Pizza Pie
Empire State
Subway surfing
Strawberry Fields
Marathon mile
More walking
Times Square
Toll Bridge
Cannoli and coffee
The best friends a girl can have

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10 thoughts on “In so many words

  1. You are having such awesome experiences! New York is one of my very favorite places. I hope you're feeling all right and taking breathers between all of your stuff. What are a couple of 40 somethings like us doing reinventing ourselves, anyway??(Oh, yeah. Having the time of our lives!)


  2. I love your writing – i'm actually in NYC now – and truly enjoy reading about your view of this amazing city…nille.xx


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