December is blowing our doors wide open this week. Her breath is cool, and the determination behind her smile remains a force to be reckoned with. She courts us ever so coyly, with promises of the New Year bringing hope, wonder, and most importantly – change.

How many times have you planned on change with the New Year and fell short of succeeding only to find yourself more frustrated than when you began trying?

Let’s make the New Year a solid foundation of truth, self-love and change.

So tell me: What do you plan on changing?

15 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. I always have really ambitious goals…. and usually life gets in the way and I don't reach them. This year I'm keeping it simple. All I want in 2011 is to stop biting my nails. I'm 27 and it's time.


  2. Oh, my girl, you hit on my sore spot at this very moment! I failed. My goal was to do my own nanowrimo for the month of November. I planned on finishing all my revisions this month. I didn't do it. Life and all it's whirling frenzy got in the way. I am going to chuck my sadness and begin anew, fresh and shiny. January is my new goal. A new year. It will happen. I can feel it. You and me, girl. All the way.


  3. It is never a good idea to have too many set goals. Mine for November was to get to know my way around Blogger and I'm just squeezing it in and only just.You are the first blogger that I've come accross and I look forward to following you.


  4. So MUCH! Running more, running often, running faster! Walking into being accessible and vulnerable with the intimates in my life. Diligence and Action are the drivers, when I get that knot of "stuck" in my gut it's time to make some moves, try on new perspectives and sit in the one that fits until it doesn't anymore. So… big year ahead.And for me yesterday was January 1st, so is today and tomorrow. If I can speak my change now I can begin now.Love reading your stuff! Thank you!Chris


  5. I don't know about anybody else but things change more in my life with I just take action and do them.It is important to set goals, but it is more important to be organized and practice wise time management so one can accomplish those goals.Most of the times I have been successful in my life it had more to do with consistency and being able to appropriately refocus the minute I started to get off track again.When a person doesn't allow failure to become an option, the end result is always success.I always tell people the thin line which exists between those who fail and those who succeed is not giving up.


  6. Honestly? I don’t view the “New Year” as a starting point for change. I do that quite frequently… New days, new months, new seasons… wherever I need to start over or re-set my goals or direction, I do. 😉 & currently I am changing my career path.


  7. I was lucky enough to just hear that I got a new position at work, so New Year will bring a long awaited change in the work front: with this I hope to change my attitude to more positive; I want to continue with the gratitude minded thinking…and take good care of myself physically too, throughout the whole year and not just periodically like I did this year. Thanks for a great post !


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