Finish the sentence…

“I knew I was old(er) when…”

10 thoughts on “Finish the sentence…

  1. When I started complaining about music being too loud in bars…and once when socialising in one of these noisy bars a girl in the group announced that I'm closer in age to her mum than I am to her!I wouldn't have minded but I'm only 34. I'm not past it yet am I?!Rapunzel x


  2. …when I no longer longed to be older….when I got my first AARP solicitation….when I started coloring my hair to cover the gray, not just to change the color.


  3. My kids asked me who the Beatles were? Seriously?Also, the time my kids were completely incredulous, that there were no computers or videos and DVR's when I was small. I'm sorry, lady, I haven't been checking in on you. I've been crushed here with work. I promise to catch up soon. In the meantime, I'm about to publish a post tonight and I mention you in the post. Hope you're feeling better!


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