Finish the sentence…

“I knew I was old(er) when…”

10 thoughts on “Finish the sentence…

  1. When I started complaining about music being too loud in bars…and once when socialising in one of these noisy bars a girl in the group announced that I'm closer in age to her mum than I am to her!I wouldn't have minded but I'm only 34. I'm not past it yet am I?!Rapunzel x


  2. My kids asked me who the Beatles were? Seriously?Also, the time my kids were completely incredulous, that there were no computers or videos and DVR's when I was small. I'm sorry, lady, I haven't been checking in on you. I've been crushed here with work. I promise to catch up soon. In the meantime, I'm about to publish a post tonight and I mention you in the post. Hope you're feeling better!


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