This is me – photo credit Bob Coello – early 90s

Not long ago I read these words and decided to enter a writing contest. 

“Welcome to “The Moment,” stories of how a single moment changed your life in a profound way. Your Moment might be a split-second decision, something you witnessed, a message sent or received, a literal or mental discovery. Moments can be serious or silly, as short as a tweet, as long as 750 words, told via a single image or illustration, series of photos, or a scanned letter or post-it note.”

Sounds pretty great, right? I knew EXACTLY which moment I would write about. 

As a former career gal of the pole, I am often asked two questions: what made me start and what made me stop stripping. I decided to share what made me walk away after nine years on stage.

I have no idea if my piece will make the cut – but just writing these 750 words has ignited something inside – catapulted my final chapter in the book.

To read my submission please CLICK HERE.

I have a long way to go in completing my manuscript, but I know exactly how it’s going to end. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Now you tell me: everybody has a MOMENT. So what is YOURS?


  1. This was easy for me. The following is an excerpt from my post "Darkest Before The Dawn" about the beginning of my recovery from Drug Addiction:Honestly though, I believe deep down that I was destined to die a hopeless addict/drunk. I just could not see any light in life, not even a sliver. Darkness followed by blackness, a cold forbidding, lonely, eternal anguish and always more pain. Why would I NOT desire death? Anything seemed better then the way I was, the way I felt at that time. So I decided to die and honest to god I was sure that I had enough drugs to do the job. Sleeping pills, anti-depressants, tranquilizers, pain killers, anti-seizure medication, muscle relaxers and more. I was drunk, had been on a drug (read Coke/Morphine) binge for 3 days….I remember looking at several pill bottles full of the stuff. And then one by one I choked 'em down with a Vodka and Cran….I thought I might puke so I put duct tape over my mouth and laid down to sleep forever….And I did not fucking die! I came to in a hospital and I remember being so very cold, ice cold to my bones. And the light burned like razors in my eyes. My head hurt, hell I hurt every where. But my heart hurt the worst because I knew that now I had no choice but to live….and I had no idea how I was supposed to do that. I cried but couldn't produce tears. It's like a dry heave cry, a wail of sorts, sobs…I think I would have hit myself if I hadn't been restrained.That moment, tied to that bed I felt as low as I ever had in my life. I had no where to go. I was broke….and broken. I was so afraid, I felt so hopeless and lost…completely w/out hope and really all alone. I had no idea then that I was at the crossroads of my life, THE turning point. I would never have to feel that way again (and up until now, over 4 years later, I haven't) and I was beginning a brand new life.


  2. Jeez, Christine, I was kinda looking forward to seeing the responses to this post thinking there could really be some awesome experiences related her. Now I just feel like the one freak who had a story, lol! Kidding of course…that's the blog world isn't it? The things that you think will get a rise out of folks doesn't and the things I look at as maybe not my best post generates a ton of discussion, oh well. Have a Happy, Happy!


  3. I read your short story and it was amazing. I really enjoyed it. You conveyed so much in so little and I think it is so beautiful. Sad too, but most sad things are also beautiful in a strange way…


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