Facing my fear. Again.

I’m such a nervous flier.

Sitting here at my gate, waiting to board my flight to New York it feels like deja vu.

Sort of.

I was here recently with my best gal pal Becky and she helped get my obsessive mind off my fear of flying.

Today, I sit alone – waiting for my plane.

I am headed back to The Big Apple for a writer’s conference and I couldn’t be happier. I just wish I could blink my eyes and be there.

LOVE to travel. Hate to fly. 

I’ve never flown by myself this far without any drugs to calm my nerves. As a recovering addict, it’s kind of frowned upon.

So I sit. And I sit.

To combat my obsessive mind with the worst that could happen, I lose myself in watching the people around me. I imagine their story, wondering if anybody else is as nervous as I am. I listen to the cute elderly couple chat about the weather. There’s a certain calmness brushed over me when I secretly invite myself to someone’s little travel world at the gate.

I think it’s time to board shortly so I better log off.

I’ll check in from New York. Thanks for listening to me freak out.


9 thoughts on “Facing my fear. Again.

  1. I'm sure you've received loads of encouraging comments already – which you will only be able to post once you're safely on the ground and don't need them any more!! Oh, well. Print them off and save them for the trip home.MY encouraging words go something like this: Birds have teensy weensy brains and eat worms and bugs. And THEY can fly just fine. So unless your pilot is dumber than a bird, you'll be A-OK.(And next conference, let's go together. I'll keep you distracted with riveting Vegas Mormon Housewife tales. If nothing else, by the time we board, the idea of that plane going down in flames will seem pretty awesome compared with having to listen to any more of my stories. See? Win-win!)


  2. Hi Christine,I'm also going to the Writer's Digest conference! My plane leaves tomorrow at 6 a.m. and I, too, am a bit of a nervous flier, despite having flown hundreds of times. So I feel your fear. But remember that being brave means doing something IN SPITE of being afraid. See you there. 🙂


  3. I occasionally get anxiety when I fly, but it's less about the airplane and flying than it is about the crowds of people and the weird feeling that comes over me that I'm sort of watching TV. That's more free-floating anxiety, and once I'm on the plane, I totally calm down. Weird, eh?Have a great time at your writer's conference. I so want to attend one, as it's been years, and I could use the motivation and inspiration.


  4. hope your flight went well – it's good to not let your fears trap you – I have problems sleeping in different places – hotels, friends houses, etc…. I frequently wake up all a panic – but I go anyways and just deal with it. I'm traveling to japan soon (for three weeks) contemplating whether I should get something for anxiety or just deal – three weeks is a long time if you don't sleep.


  5. WOW. Thank you all SO SO SO MUCH! I made it here and in one piece! I can't tell you how wonderful it was to check in to my hotel, log on, and read this. Wait. I think I just did. 🙂 You're the best. xxoo


  6. Ever watch that movie French Kiss with Meg Ryan? In the start where she freaks out about being in the plane…that is so me! At least you still did it. I have actually gotten to the airport and changed my mind! And you are very right…it is harder to go it alone!


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