Ready or not

I’m sitting here in my hotel room looking out the window. High above the sky, beneath the clouds and in-between my dreams, I take moment.
Music is breathing though my laptop like an echo of inspiration: a melody pushing through the words. I am beside myself.
How did I get here?
Where is the girl, grasping at strings from unfettered strands of longing to blend in?
She’s here – hidden behind the strong one. The one who purchased a plane ticket clear across the country with no finished piece of work to pitch.
She’s here – dreaming of the girl she always knew she was. Strong. Passionate. Willing to tread darkness for a moment of light.
The conference starts tomorrow and ready or not – here I come.

7 thoughts on “Ready or not

  1. If it were a quotation is very beautiful. … a confession .. is very sincere. … a waiting .. will not have to wait long. A word of advice .. that window .. not always observe toward the sky.


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