Don’t believe the bad stuff

Do you remember the scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts (Vivian) is in bed with Richard Gere? Lying in bed, he tells her “you can be so much more”. Vivian blinks softly and answers “the bad stuff is easier to believe.” Instant tears. Every single time.

We all have those occasional negative voices in our heads; some just speak louder than others.

It takes practice, but we can learn to change the channel when we hear a damaging song. The frequency is our ability to face the fear and believe we are worthy.

It’s a beautiful thing to realize – we don’t have to believe the bad stuff.

“Do not let your fears choose your destiny” ~ Author Unknown

7 thoughts on “Don’t believe the bad stuff

  1. Yup. That's me, Love. It's a constant battle to push the bad aside. I am on the precipice of facing my biggest scary jump and I am fighting the good fight with all my might. Some days it's good. Some days it gets the best of me. But I wouldn't be to this point, if I wasn't working on slaying that dragon. Great, great post, girl. I hope you're writing's going well. I'm finally kicking some ass on revisions. I was stuck for awhile, but all good now.


  2. I don't remember the line but I can imagine the heartbreaking scene taking place. It is so much easier to believe the bad stuff because it isn't demanding that you do anything."Face your fears… live your dreams!" -No Fear Tee ShirtTake care Christine..! Happy Valentines if I don't see you before then!!


  3. I remember that scene, and know the sentiment all too well. I have struggled with the 'bad stuff' for a long time, and am finding my yoga practice helps me let go of those beliefs. It is a process, and hard as it sometimes feels, I am glad to be slowly letting go of that which holds me back.Great post Christine!


  4. I agree with "Do not let your fears choose your destiny" … but the "bad things" we must also know how to understand .. sometimes they can teach us something.


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