Dancer’s Reunion

Me and Lara – Early 90s in Waikiki

In thirteen weeks I will be on a plane to Las Vegas. I’m excited for the mini-vacation away from work, but mostly because I am reuniting with two ladies with whom I share my stripper past.

There is something about living such unique lifestyle that only people who’ve lived it can relate. I haven’t had that connection in years and thanks to Facebook, I am in touch with my long lost friends from back in the day.

We had a ball together. Drinking too much and then some – but somehow always landing on our feet. We helped one another grow up during a time when we thought we knew it all. I can’t wait to see them as the remarkable ladies I know they’ve become.

It’s been nearly 20 years since we have seen or even spoken to eachother. Something tells me as soon as I see them it will feel like no time has passed at all.

Donna and I – Halloween in Waikiki – early 90s

I will be sure to take photos and fill you in on the reunion, but until then, I’ve included some old photos of us gals back in our early 20s.

As a result of being a stripper for so long, I have a pretty good case of BODY DYSMORPHIC DISORDER. I am a little obsessed with my body image and have a fear of how people from “back then” will see me now.

I am nervous about how I look now in comparison to what my body looked like back then. No longer a drug user and in my early 40s, I can tell you I wouldn’t be caught dead in hot pants – Halloween or not!

Nerves aside, I know these gals will accept and love me no matter what. And that makes for one special reunion. See you ladies soon!

7 thoughts on “Dancer’s Reunion

  1. I totally relate – amazing how true friends never judge us anywhere near as harshly as we do ourselves. They are just happy to see us healthy and enjoying life… and maybe I should try to be happy with that more often too!Have a wonderful time X


  2. I most definitely have some understanding into how you feel, Christy Love! When the SFC found me on Face Book after whe hadn't seen in each other for 21 years, I had the same kind of butterflies in my stomach. But man, talk about glad that I did take the leap to be with her.Right now, I love her more than I did back then… we got to remember the wild and crazy times and live and enjoy the now… I miss her sooo much! In many ways she was my first love, even if I did not know I was in love with her!!Sorry for jackin' your post… enjoy Vegas!! (btw, I fought there several times in the mid-90's… but it is unlikely our paths would have crossed, jus' sayin'…)


  3. Yes, I totally relate too. The body changes with the gaining of wisdom and other stuff. It's a trade-off, I guess. I am sure you look fabulous just as you are, and your buddies will think so too.


  4. The social media and the connections we now have to our past is just an amazing thing.Friends will not judge you if they are true friends. Enjoy your upcoming trip to Vegas!


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