Fill in the blanks

Right now I work as a _____________, but what I really want to do is __________________.

7 thoughts on “Fill in the blanks

  1. My current job is ending Monday — I work as a cashier at a sandwich place. I really, really wanted a more career oriented job to replace this job with.Time has been ticking down and I've been getting stressed.Today, I found another job. At another sandwich joint.I'm not sure why this seemed like the appropriate place to have my pity party …But what you wrote here, albeit simple and short, is just what I needed. The power of positive thinking (at least that is what I got from it).Thank you.


  2. Right now I work as a writer and public speaker. But I really want to be a stripper.Hee hee! OK, right now I work as a piano teacher, but I'm already heading toward my dream of being a full-time writer and public speaker. I'll be speaking about writing at the SITS conference in San Diego this weekend. How close are you? Girl, we really need at least one hug in this lifetime!


  3. Right now I work as a stay at home mom, runner of the household, home school teacher to a special needs child, owner and worker of a home website business, what I really want to do is be retired!!


  4. i'm a professional napper… only kidding… i'm a socialite playboy ferret who roams the internet and lays head trips on humans. i enjoy my job. i get to be sarcastic, pilfer people's stuff, and they laugh and think i'm cute. i put this ex stripper chick's blog on my blog ..testing one two three… oh, this is working? i put Christine Macdonald's blog link on my blog because i like her. she throws me the occasional pop tart wrapper, and i drag it under the sofa, give her the "pick me up" look and get snuggles… snuggling is a great gig if you can get it.. i've been moonlighting as an instructor. i teach massage therapy. i also under duress give my opinion of outfits, like "hot nurse" outfit, maybe the "sexy police" outfit. pays no money, but has great dividends. my name is Sarcastic Sam and I tweet at @Samuel_Clemons


  5. I quit my job as a high-paid lawyer last year and am now establishing my own copywriting business and studying to be a yoga teacher. Fantastic stuff! Still, despite actively pursuing my dreams, I struggle to find the confidence to really make them happen – to believe I deserve my dreams to come true.Despite this I am so happy about the changes I have made in the last 12 months – lots of tears, a lot less $$$ and some confronting moments. So


  6. Right now… I am a unemployed lover of life who frankly has no time for work what with all that life has to offer. But I want to be a show presenter at Seaworld and organize festivals and events…


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