Spring Cleaning: A new idea

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4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: A new idea

  1. Oh Christine!! I try!! but for some reason, Im having a really hard time getting out of this slump. But, I continue to try. There is something about that first "warm weather cleaning" you get to open up all the windows and doors, let the breeze and the sun in…its quite cleansing.


  2. you think those are seasons in California? when i was but a little kit, i was captured by a band of roving black footed gypsie hippy ferrets ~ taken to the Great Plains and learned the ways of the Great Pop Tart…. as i decided to wander off often, i caught a ride with a passing ganglion of critters headed to NYC, and that was even colder… i spent summers on the farm, and wintered in the mountains, don't ask me what manic behavior that represented, but it made me appreciate the seasons, the snow in winter, the colors of the trees in fall, all the golds and yellows the hues of dreams and miracles ~ visions of oz in the technicolor of my subconscious still haunt my mind to this day ~ all the shades of seasons will never leave, and i still enjoy each one for what they are… thanks for reminding me to call the maid, she can clean the burrow…


  3. I live in the north east, and a big part of spring cleaning for us is opening the windows for the first time since the fall, finally letting the house air out. That's a big reason ours is in the first warm days since you don't want to open the windows when it's still freezing out.And yes, it's snowing today. Looks like spring cleaning will have to wait another week or two.


  4. I think it should be fall cleaning. Why would you do the big clean in the spring when you're going to be spending a lot more time outside? I'd think you'd want the place spotless when you're going to be holed up at home for a few months.


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