Control, Alt, Reboot

It’s been a long and emotional week. Time to re-charge!

We all have things happen in life. Sometimes we get pumped up, while most of the time, we’re tapped. Between the flight home, family drama, the memorial service and writing the latest (buzz kill) excerpt – it’s safe to say, I am wiped.

So how do we shake the Bummer off and reignite our souls?

For me, it’s dancing around my house with the music on high (to drown out my singing), cooking a great meal for my sweetie Kevin and also getting in a great workout.

This weekend, Kev and I will head to the beach and have another fun-filled “Three’s Company” day. We take our bikes to the shore and he tries to stop me from singing the theme song in public.

So what about you? How to you unwind and re-boot? I would love to hear your ideas!

3 thoughts on “Control, Alt, Reboot

  1. What a fun idea! To unwind I strip naked and have a glass of wine (and I smoke a little, too) while watching a favorite TV show – and to reboot – I clean the house while singing and dancing to music! Nothing says RESET like a fresh clean home and a good workout!


  2. Great to hear you're back safe and sound. You deserve to sit back and unwind.Depends on the time of year for me. In nice warmer weather, I like getting outside for a jog, a bike ride or a jaunt to nowhere in particular in the car with the top down. In the winter time, some exercise at the gym, or just sitting at home cozied up on the sofa with some quiet time.


  3. walk walk walk, it clears the cobwebs whatever the weather. Sometimes alone , listening to the sounds nature has to offer sometimes listening to music or an audiobook or a podcast or sometimes walking with someone else and nattering them to death. I hope you are ok


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