Doing the right thing

I just read an article about a family who found $45,000 (cash) hidden away in the attic of their new home. They returned the money.

It’s a refreshing change of pace to read good news, and I wanted to share the story. It also causes me to reflect; would I have returned the money? Would you have?

There are many times in life where we find ourselves in a crossroads – do we do the right thing when faced with a moral dilemma? Not always, but it’s nice to know it does happen from time to time.

I once found cash in a wallet I found on the street. My boyfriend [at the time] and I tried to find the owner ourselves, but when we weren’t able to, we gave it to a police officer. It made us feel pretty awesome even though we talked about taking the cash out of the wallet first. In the end, we did the right thing.

I like to think what comes around goes around.

So tell me — have you experienced a time in your life when you chose to do the right (or wrong) thing?


11 thoughts on “Doing the right thing

  1. Without hesitation, yes. What good will keeping that money do me 10,000 years from now?About 25 years ago, we bought a house. After moving in, we found an old sword hanging on a wall in the basement that the seller forgot to take. Since the settlement was over, the sword was legally ours. We called the seller and told him. He came over and picked it up, and thanked us because it was worth over $15,000 dollars. It was the right thing to do, and anything less would have bothered my conscience.


  2. Hi Lady Love. I'm back. Revisons are done and in the hands of my critique partner, so we will see…I love doing the right thing. And I've tried to teach my children what a reward it is. One time, I hit a car in a parking garage. I smashed it up good. No one was around. I could have driven off, but I left a note profusely apologizing with my name and phone number. the woman cried when she called me, in disbelief that someone would actually take claim for smashing into her car.


  3. I liked your honesty. When a person is conscious of God's presence, it becomes easy to do the right thing. In my country cops are corrupt and won't think twice about pocketing someone else's money if it is handed over to them. If you think of giving money found on the road to a beggar, well, the beggars themselves beg for a living because they don't want to work. It's difficult to tell who's needy and who is not.honeymoon tours Goa


  4. Without a doubt, I would have given the money back… I've found wallets before and have worked to contact the owner.One never screws up by doing the right thing…~shoes~


  5. Once I was at Walmart picking up some last minute things, I think I had probably 3 items. I waited in line for about 20 minutes to get up to the self checkout with a whole line of people left behind me. Just when I get to the checkout the lady a head of me grabs her bags and walks off leaving the change from a hundred dollar bill in the machine. I stood there for a moment in disbelief. Thinking, almost wishing to myself, "Come on lady, I just got up here I'm not waiting in line for another 20 min… turn around, TURN AROUND!" the whole time double taking between the cash and her retreating back. Finally, once she was half way to the exit and it was clear she wasn't coming back I grabbed the cash and ran after her. She was so impressed that someone would do that she gave me a huge hug. That and her profuse thank yous make waiting in line again for the check out worth it. 🙂


  6. Oh, exactly. But it's what we think the right thing sometimes that is the right thing. One wouldn't return the money if he needed the same to operate his kidneys. Sometimes, it's just a way of god to help you out. Sometimes, it's just about looking honest.


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