What’s YOUR stripper name?


On the heels of yesterday’s post about stripper names, let play.

1) Take the name of your first pet you ever had

2) Add the name of the street you grew up on

That’s your stripper [and Porn] name.

Mine is Niki Poipu [“poy-pooh”]. Interesting? Sure. Sexy? Notsomuch.

Now it’s your turn.

Leave yours in the Comments section here and let’s enjoy reading them.

40 thoughts on “What’s YOUR stripper name?

  1. Biscuit Bell. That sounds rather warped. Like food and porn together. Oh, how I've missed you my darling girl. I've been under my writer rock. Started querying two weeks ago. (So scary.) So far, I've had two agents asking to see my work. We will see. I'm so proud of you and all you've accomplished. Keep on writing, beautiful lady. The world needs to hear your words.


  2. Fio Pastor….sounds as if it demands a very thin soul patch and greased-back black hair. A tacky tat or two would certainly fulfill that name's demands.


  3. I can't believe Brett grew up on Fernandez street – who knew that street existed. If I go back to my very first pet, a goldfish I had when I was about 6, it would mean my name is "Captain Fishy Orange." Fish and stripping are not a good combination…Theodore Orange would be my second option…slim pickin's over here…


  4. mine is hunka ferret lovin' handsome almost to the point of gorgeous one, his Royal Awesomeness…. a bit windy, but it kinda rolls off da lil paws…i didn't know i'd get caught up in this. i stopped by to tell ya that i use social oomph to update my timeline when i am off in da woods wif da dogs ( if you stopped by my blog, you'd know i had to go on a dog hunt wif da hounds this week ) and anyway, they (Social Oomph) are acting like butt holes and not allowing as many specific mentions. this blog post for instance would just be the title but the "By and Follow @ThatGalKiki" part would not be in the tweet.so you are basically left to look at my timeline each day for mention of your blog, if you post, of course, which i see that you are now over your isolation, and all that crap, you are writing more often, so you'll have to check my timeline each day more often to see where i tuck the mention.got it.and the acronym for His Royal Awesomeness HRA is how most pet humans shorten it …the tea kettle whistlethI tweet at @Samuel_Clemons


  5. Our first family pet names me Toni Norwood. But if I go with the dog my godmother gave me that would be Cache Norwood.

    p.s. Ooooh Batman Belcourt! Love it!


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