Bitch stole my look

What comes around goes around. Everything old is new again.
Clearly, Stacy Keibler’s stylist saw my Senior Prom fashion choice in 1986.
Here’s the part where you tell me: What were some of your fashion choices in high school and do you see them making a comeback today?

11 thoughts on “Bitch stole my look

  1. I usually dressed like a character out of a book. Honestly, I was a dork. And my daughter (21) does the same thing now. Evidently dorkage is hereditary. (And you look hawt in that gold getup!)


  2. I was in high school in the 70s so everything I wore is back!The 70s were awesome though.We were all about flair jeans, floppy hats, tight tops, big wedge sandals, cross body bags, huge rings.Now I have to go shopping!I vote that you wore it best!


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