The family you choose

There’s something to be said for friends who connect with us on a deeper level. They get us. They stand by our side and remind us just how strong and amazing we are when we sometimes forget. They don’t see our flaws, or care if we can’t fit in to our Skinny Jeans.
When we move far away – start families of our own, and don’t talk as much as we used to – it doesn’t change how we feel. The sisterhood (or brotherhood) of true friendships are that of unshakable bonds and transcend space and time.
The gratitude and love I feel for my friends is immeasurable, so to write a post about how amazing they are – just doesn’t feel like enough.
But I do have photos.
This one’s for Allyn.
Love you, guuuurl.
That’s a Billy Idol poster taped to my wall. Also, I have no idea where that surfboard came from.
Nothing says “80s Fashion” like North Beach Leather.
Celebrating Allyn’s Bday in my Waikiki Apartment. Love the banner I made! And my 80s hair.
My frist apartment. Note the beer in a glass, bed sheet as a curtain, the Contempo Casuals shopping bag and… why did I have a plastic crayon?
Howie Mandel stand up show. My hat is priceless.
I LOVE we have photographic evidence of our hair choices.
Hamming it up at our favorite night club in Waikiki, Pink Cadillac
Another birthday for the beautiful Allyn

So tell me – do YOU have fun photos with a best friend? Have you shared them with each other lately??

2 thoughts on “The family you choose

  1. You got hit with the 80's stick big time. My hair photos don't stand a chance against yours! I had Billy on my wall too. I was IN LOVE with him! He was my fist. Concert.


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