Garden of Grace

It’s easy to get caught up in the “why me” and “no fair”‘s of life; to overlook the things we do have, because we’re constantly longing for what’s out of reach.

Often times what we don’t have, is really a blessing. What we see as greener grass on the other side, may not be what we want at all – but rather, it represents a fantasy of what we all aim to have: the easier road, the life less complicated.

Looks can be magically deceiving.

No matter who’s grass you see as greener, it’s a safe bet to know those people are probably peering on to someone’s yard, wishing their lives were like those people – and so on.

So many of us spend time and energy at the wishing well, we forget to open our eyes to the garden

we’re standing in. Sure, the lawn needs tending to, and pulling the weeds won’t be fun, but the foundation to build a better life is literally right under our feet.

Instead of focusing on everyone’s roses, let’s remember to smell our own.

Today is June 1st, and we’re almost at the mid-year mark. As we strive to reach our goals this year, let’s take the time to be grateful for how far we’ve come.

So tell me – what are you grateful for right now?

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