Edenland’s Fresh Horses Brigade: Who The Hell Are You?

In response to Edenland’s queston “who are you?” – this post is born.

I am a multifaceted, 43 year old who knows some, but needs to learn more.

I’ve danced nude on stage in Waikiki for nine years, written and spoken in public about it, and both are equally frightening – but in a really good way.

Drugs are my seductress – and I’ve broken their hearts almost as much as they’ve crushed my spirit. I take them back, only to realize I’m so much better and stronger without them.

I’ve heard “You have cancer” twice.  I’m still here.

My friends are my life raft in a sea of tranquil chaos, usually brought on by my own tides turning. They never judge – just give me more rope.

Sometimes I think with my body, and not my mind. I’m in weekly therapy to get my mind on board.

I am the subtotal of my choices.

My face has been through a war, and I’ve had nine surgeries and a lifetime of internal scarring to show for it. They are my badge of honor.

I feel most beautiful after a really good cry, or orgasm. Both are equally liberating.

For more about my story, check out my ABOUT ME page.

Thanks for reading.

I’m going to get back to my latest obsession: Cant. Stop. Listening. This further solidifies my musical crush.

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