Good News Tuesday: Changing Lives, One Picture at a Time

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There’s so much negative news in the world, some of us have chosen to stop reading and/or watching entirely.

I’d like to help change that.

Every Tuesday, I’ll highlight an article I find that focuses on GOOD NEWS. This column is called Good News Tuesday.

Spread the word.

This week’s entry comes to us from Flashes of Hope.

*Flashes of Hope is a national, non-profit organization whose goal is to photograph every child with cancer until every child is cured.

What they do:

“For a few moments, it doesn’t seem like a hospital. Children who haven’t wanted to get out of bed are suddenly laughing and smiling. And, nurses take a break from administering medicine to join in the fun.”


Each month our volunteers transform hospital playrooms, waiting areas and even hallways into photography studios. Talented make-up artists help the children and their moms look and feel their best. Then each child is photographed individually and with their closest supporters – siblings, parents and often a favorite nurse.

Each family is presented with framed enlargements, proofs and a CD of all the images so they can make additional prints. Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, all services are provided free of charge.

A Flashes of Hope portrait is much more than a picture on the wall. It’s an indescribable treasure that forever preserves the grace, dignity and beauty of each child.


This is a behind the scenes peek at the first Flashes of Hope shoot in Orlando, FL at Arnold Palmer Hospital.


Video credit: Tom Reid Motion and Stills.


For more information, or if you would like to donate to this cause, please visit Flashes of Hope.



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