33 Words: Trifextra Challenge

This post is a direct result from reading my friend Marie’s writing page.

Her blog is pretty awesome, too.

So there’s this writing challenge, from Trifecta:

“What we want you to do this weekend is to give us a 33-word opening line to your book. That’s it.  Make us want to read the next 333 pages of your work.”

Here’s my entry – it’s a memoir:

~ ~ ~

It’s 5 am, and I’m hiding behind sunglasses.

He knows.

Scanning NoDoz and Tylenol PM, he asks, “undecided, on up or down?”


Nodding, I hoped there wasn’t cocaine residue under my nostrils.



34 thoughts on “33 Words: Trifextra Challenge

  1. I’m hooked because I want to know who the “he” is in “he knows”. If it’s your dad and you are younger than 18, this is probably big trouble. If it’s someone who can arrest your ass, this is also not good. I can’t think of anybody else I’d be worried about unless he’s in some conoutry where they lock you up and give you a “speedy” trial in 7-10 years.


  2. Thank you for following me Christine. I am following you now. That was a great opener, attention grabbing. So want to know the story and see it is your personal story. Should be an interesting read!


      1. I wish you a safe trip through therapy. I have spent a lot of time in intense therapy myself trying to deal with my mental issues — Bipolar Disorder, panic/anxiety and severe OCD. I have a lot of stories myself. My life is certainly never dull! Some of my writing is also from my life.


        1. Thank you Christine! And yes we are all stronger for our stories and the adversity we must face in this lifetime. We are all much stronger than we realize. Honored to be your friend! xoxo


  3. This was a powerful opener. My heart fell when I noticed in the comments that this is your personal story. I’m sorry you’ve been through this. On the upside, I think you’ll have one heck of a story to tell 🙂


  4. I was out of the loop this weekend and missed this one. Whoa! Then I had to dig a little and got hooked. So intriguing yet heartbreaking at the same time. Do you mind a new follower?


    1. Hi Gina – and thank you for the follow, read and compliment! Someone emailed asking if this was my father – which I thought was interesting – because it totally could go that way. But that’s not the case. Looking forward to more Trifectas!


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