A question

For most of us, the work week is over. The weekend is here.

Learn anything about yourself this week?

Please tell us – let’s see how many of us learn the same (or different) thing.

11 thoughts on “A question

  1. I’ll go first.

    I learned that when I log off the Internet, I can actually get a couple hard trained hours of writing done.

    I also learned this week, that it’s totally okay to celebrate small victories – and that I don’t need even to think of them as “small”.


  2. I learned I can still pull out a hard dose of studying to pass an important test and not to give up. i have to do it again in five days to start a new career.


  3. I learned that no matter how much I love my teenage daughter (she’s 16), she’s not going to want to spend time with me, she’s going to want to take my money and spend time with her friend who is a boy. So, I have to keep open lines of communication, steal my hugs and kisses when her arms are full and shut up.

    also, I learned after my second round of editing with my book editor, I hate editing my book with a white hot passion.


    1. 16 is hard, all the way around, isn’t it? That’s tough! She’ll come around when she’s older…

      I hate editing too… feels like it’s never ending. Feel your pain. Hang in there, and celebrate that you have material to edit – some people don’t even get that far. 🙂


  4. I learned that it is still possible to love an old best friend as much or more even after 30 years, then again after 18 years. Some people never change for you and that makes me really happy.

    Lance, in the not too distant future, you will have your girl back and it will be an even better and stronger bond!


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